Sinara Group has launched a new industrial site for the Volga Pipe Plant

Ltd. "ChermetServis-supply" (Ekaterinburg, Ekaterinburg part of the Group) has launched a new production in the Volga area on the harvesting and processing of ferrous metals for OAO "Volga Pipe Plant" (Volgograd region, part of "Pipe Metallurgical Company").

At the site has modern high-precision weighing equipment, industrial radiation detection devices, efficient processing facilities, and acquired a modern, high-technology peregruzhatelnaya.


The new plant is located in the Volga near one of the largest pipe mills Russia — Volga Pipe Plant, which will allow the company to respond quickly to the needs of the plant in the raw material supply and implement it in a scrap yard company.

This year's "disaster-supply" is planning to implement a comprehensive investment program, which will significantly increase the supply of scrap and increase the share of harvesting their own scrap. This has a positive impact on their business and the Volga Pipe Plant, and thus the entire city.

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