SRC VB Vector ready to proceed to the second phase of the HIV Vaccine Trials

Specialists of the State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology (SRC) "Vector" ready to proceed to the second phase of HIV vaccine trials.

On September 19 the director of the "Vector" Alexander Sergeyev met with delegations from the Russian science cities. He said that currently the signing of the Scientific Center of Expertise of Medical Products is a document on the second phase of clinical trials of another development of the "Vector" — a vaccine against HIV infection "KombiVIChvak."

Sergeyev said that the first phase of testing was associated with the assessment of reactogenicity, safety of the vaccine, the second phase, scientists have to test the drug on a variety of people with varying degrees of severity. At the third phase of the expanded number of test volunteers still increase.

However, according to the director of "Vector", the work on "KombiVIChvakom" is expensive, and it means the government has not allocated. Thus, the second phase of testing will require 130-160 million rubles., And the third — about 300 million (a substantial part of the money will go to pay volunteers). If funds are available vaccine will be able to put into production in 3-4 years, said Alexander Sergeyev.

Help: Vaccine "KombiVIChvak" united B and T cell immunogens one nanoconstructs induces a strong immune response to infection, and antibodies are highly: they not only recognize the antigens of HIV-1, but also capable of neutralizing the virus in the in vitro. (Data SSC "Vector")

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