Standing over the world

Why is based on the laws of open science can not explain the origin of the universe, life and mind? Hard to believe, but, most likely, the reason is one: what we are taught in schools and universities, as written by people who devoted his life to science, in most cases — a fairy tale. Indeed, in much of the science that is unshakable — just a theory, which according to most scholars. But the majority is not always right. So tomorrow will be a new hypothesis, and textbooks will be rewritten. So we picked up gradually to the truth, which is still far away.

One of the characteristics of our time — the desire to prove to all and sundry. Even the truth, in which people believed the millennium. Believed and were not looking for evidence. Now looking for evidence to support the reality of life after death, the existence of the other world, and even the Creator. However, research conducted by our senses and instruments adapted to these senses. All that is beyond our perception, is declared non-existent or mystical nonsense. Is this true? ..

Today held conferences on thin (otherworldly, astral) world. Their members argue that all the most important human knowledge given to him from above, obtained by direct contact with the prophets, clairvoyants, and the people we call geniuses. Tell me, what is the difference, for example, the prophet Isaiah received a prophecy about the coming birth of the Messiah, Mendeleyev, who dreamed of a table of the elements, or Walter Scott, who wrote under the dictation over their famous historical novels? Oh, nothing, they are no different! Modern human knowledge can not allow us to answer the question of when and how our universe was born. Today, most astrophysicists agree with the theory of "hot universe", which is based on two main things:

1) The universe is expanding, as evidenced by the red shift of the lines in the spectra of distant galaxies;
2) The universe is filled with a homogeneous background of so-called background radiation.
Presumably 10-20 billion years ago there was a "big bang" that split "cosmic egg", which is the whole matter of the universe. Expands, it cools and gradually became familiar to us form.

Big Bang … So be it. What happened to him? Exploring the period prior to the Big Bang, scientists have come to a standstill, they called a singularity. What is it? If time can be reversed, then the universe would start to shrink until it became a point. This is a singularity, or point the universe. But if you continue the process, the universe will turn into nothing, absolutely nothing, of which nothing would be able to appear. Conclusion is that in those unimaginably distant past events took place not in accordance with the laws governing the modern world, as the substance of the universe, shrunk to a single point, yet was from somewhere. So, at least, the first atom was created supernatural force, as we define it — God, Overmind anyway.

Let us now look to our Mother Earth. Hydrogen, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen — are the four elements, the four pillars upon which organic life. Without these elements, it is impossible. They all have unique properties, but the main thing is that the probability of a random combination of the elements necessary for life, is practically zero. Why exactly these elements, it is in the correct proportions were in our corner of the universe? Explain this mysterious fact only someone targeted interventions. But if it is only manifested in it!

In the cradle of life, we call the Earth over long geological periods, many hundreds of millions of years, supported particularly favorable for this life-threatening condition. It seems that these conditions are a universal thermostat controls. What happens if it wears off? And that's what. If the content of oxygen in the atmosphere to fall to 14 percent or less, we can not light the fire. If, on the contrary, will increase to 25 percent or more, even raw wood and moss will ignite. One lightning would be enough to launch a worldwide catastrophe, so terrible, that no dream in a dream. As a result of endless fires increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which in turn stimulates the production of oxygen marine plants that produce a significant part of it. Fires will spread, and life on the land can be taken.

Calculations of scientists have shown that the amount of oxygen should be increased by 1 percent every 12 thousand years. But it does not. A mysterious mechanism prevents deviations for the life-giving gas from a stable level of 21 percent. Why? To save life on Earth!

Another example. Calculations show that the salinity of the oceans and seas must not differ from the salinity of the Dead Sea, which, as you know, life is impossible because of the high salt content. Proved that the increase in their concentration in the oceans from 4 to 6 per cent would lead to the death of all forms of marine life. However, it does not. Some mechanisms that contribute to a decrease in the concentration of salts in the waters of the oceans are known, but not all. And most importantly, these mechanisms act long before the higher organisms, if they had been prepared in advance.

Thinking on the facts described above, to exclaim: how narrow band of our existence! What we are fragile and gentle! One gust of wind — and we are swept away, broken. Such a fragile flower garden needs, well tended. But more likely, not a garden, and a greenhouse.

Come on. Modern biology also can not help to understand the mystery of the origin of life. The underlying theory of evolution does not explain anything. Examined millions of organic doubt, but none of them found no tendency to turn into a living creature. Again, it turns out that the mysterious "something" has given a push, and organic compounds have crossed the line between dead and living nature. Recent studies are convinced that the generally accepted theory of natural selection draws a picture, alas, far from reality. Comparison of fossils shells of various species of molluscs that lived in the oceans of our planet hundreds of millions of years ago, shows that existed virtually unchanged at 10-15 million years, the view disappears. Another took his place, repeats the story of its predecessor. As for mutations, which are, according to the theory, the basis of natural selection, they certainly are. But, as a rule, are neutral, that is, do not lead to important changes in the nature of organisms. For example, people are constant mutation color of hair and eyes. This can play a bad or a good laugh with our appearance, but no damage to man or give him some serious advantages over other can not.

New species have appeared as anything but not as a result of gradual accumulation of small changes that occur as a result of adaptation of organisms to their environment. Then, the process of evolution, or rather, the emergence of new species suddenly stopped. This happened about 40 million years ago. Why? Perhaps, because the conditions for the emergence of human mostly were created?

Anyway, all the sciences that study the history of life on Earth, they stumble on the same site as the physics — at the beginning. One can not give a reasoned explanation of the origin of life, the other — the most important and mysterious: When and how did the people.

So, in an endless chain of existence lacks the three major units. All three of the great act of creation — the universe, life, mind — are inexplicable by the laws discovered by science. Study of the facts and theories shows that the universal machine can not work alone in the right mode, it needs a driver.

Creator and overseer of the universe — who is he? God, standing over the world.

Victor Potapov

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