State Corporation Russian Technologies




State Corporation "Russian Technologies" was created by decree of Vladimir Putin in 2007.

 Today, "Russian Technologies" already belongs to 600 plants.

 Almost 80% of them belong to the defense sector.

 In "Russian Technologies" is the supplier of the legendary AK-47 "Izhmash".

 Also, the state corporation has joined the world's largest supplier of titanium "VSMPO", on which depend the "Boeing", "Airbus" and "Rolls-Royce". The chassis of all the "A-380" made of our metal.

 Holding "Helicopters of Russia" in 2010 surpassed the U.S. firm "Bell" and won first place in the world market of military helicopters. Today, he has orders worth $ 18 billion, and the "Rosoboronexport" — the world's second arms dealer.

 Thanks to the "Russian Technologies", "Kamaz" released two millionth truck, and "AvtoVAZ" has become the largest manufacturer of passenger cars in Eastern Europe. Together with the concern Renault-Nissan plans to release it a million cars a year.

 Together with Pirelli «Technologies" created a concern that will sell 11 million tires per year and a 20% of the Russian tire market, with sales of 500 million euros.

 In 2009, "Russian Technologies" earned 70 million rubles, in 2010 — 1.7 billion rubles. The company employs over 900,000 people. D0% EE% F1% F2% E5% F5% ED% EE% EB% EE% E3% E8% E8

 In the coming years, "Russian Technologies" will spend 1.5 trillion rubles to bring the Russian machine to the world level. 40% of this amount would give the state, and the rest — the corporation.

 By 2020, the total revenue of the assets of "Russian Technologies" will grow by 3.5 times — up to 2 trillion 100 billion rubles. Of these, 315 billion will fall on high-tech products.



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