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With the CIA secretly collaborated 54 countries, according to a report by the U.S. Institute "Open Society". It is about the transfer of employees of U.S. intelligence suspected of terrorism, torture people, and the use of the territory of the country for refueling aircraft engaged in transporting suspected of collaborating with "al-Qaeda". Among these states of Uzbekistan and Lithuania, as well as Iran, publicly always acting with anti-American positions.

According Research American Institute "Open Society", 54 states have provided covert CIA aid after the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States.

A more than 200-page report captures the facts of detention, interrogation and transfer of CIA terrorist suspects "Al-Qaeda" and other Islamic groups. In addition, some countries provide its prisons for detainees, and allow staff to the CIA to use their airports for planes to refuel U.S. intelligence during the transport of terrorist suspects.

The methods used by CIA against terror suspects, many human rights activists regarded as torture. Such actions of the U.S. intelligence agencies were publicly condemned, including incumbent President Barack Obama when he criticized his rival George W. Bush during the presidential election campaign in 2008. The report of the "Open Society" says that prisoners without judicial decisions and relevant documents were transferred from one prison to another. Often, they were transported to countries where torture is not officially banned. Among them, the experts of the "Open Society" called Pakistan, Jordan, Afghanistan and Egypt.

The report contains information about 136 terrorism suspects have been transferred to the CIA. At the moment, this is the biggest list of those accused of terrorism, passed the American intelligence agencies, notes The New York Times.

Among the 54 countries that cooperated with the CIA, the two countries of the former Soviet Union — Lithuania and Uzbekistan. Also provide support for the U.S. intelligence United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain and a number of European countries. Only France and Norway are among the major countries and NATO members were not included in this list.

In the list is the number of Asian countries, including Iran, the government is officially always been a fierce anti-American stance. According to the report, some suspected of collaborating with "al-Qaeda" were arrested in Iran and extradited Afghan government (which then was controlled by the United States). The paper notes that this could not happen without the involvement of U.S. intelligence. It is known that the power of Shiite Iran is extremely hostile to the "Al-Qaeda", whose fighters regularly staged attacks against Shiite Muslims in the Middle East.

Also, the CIA cooperated after September 11, most of North and East Africa.

States such as Ireland, Iceland and Cyprus, the CIA provided its airports to refuel when transporting terrorist suspects.

Russia in the report of the "Open Society" is not mentioned even once.

The actions of the CIA repeatedly suffered uncomplicated to terrorism. Thus, in December 2012 the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found the CIA responsible for the torture of German citizen Khaled al-Masri. He was kidnapped in the country, as explained by the security services, because of "mistaken identity" and was taken to Afghanistan, where torture was used against him.

In the mid-2000s in a press scandal erupted because of secret CIA prisons, which were held after the September 11 terror suspects: this was reported by human rights organizations. According to them, the secret prisons were located in Poland, Romania, Morocco and Egypt. Human rights activists have speculated about the contents suspected of collaborating with al-Qaeda in detention centers in Lithuania, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Qatar. Then-President George W. Bush was forced to admit the existence of secret prisons, and the future of President Obama during the campaign promised to remove them. After coming to power, Obama issued a decree, and in April 2009 CIA chief Leon Panetta said that the disposal of the head of state is satisfied.

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