Stefanovic: the evidence base is weak processes

Society on February 22 trial against Russian citizens Artyom Brevsa and Ivan Gaponava adjourned until March 1. The reason was the prosecutor's request to postpone the case for seven days for retraining charges.

Guest of Liberty — Lawyer Human Rights Center "Viasna" Valentin Stefanovich, who was in the courtroom.

Ablameyko: Good evening, Valentine. What is your overall impression of the process?

Stefanovic: About the same as in the first trial in the case on December 19 Parfiankou. The evidence base for these two processes are very, very weak looking. The process resembles a certain judicial pipeline that we see in the case of administrative affairs, very soon if the judge determines the guilt of the person makes 10-15 days. But here the criminal process, and could face up to eight years in prison.

AblameykoHow would you as a lawyer, prosecutor evaluated the evidence base?

Stefanovic: In today's trial I did not find any evidence to support that accusation, which was brought Brevsu and Gaponavu. From the testimony of the witnesses that they allegedly attacked the police shields. But during the questioning of witnesses revealed quite serious discrepancies as timed events, and in their essence.

Ablameyko: What does the prosecutor's intention to reclassify the case and declared for this break?

Stefanovic: When viewing videos, by the reaction of participants in the process, we realized that video and did not give evidence to the accused than Gapon and Brevs. Namely, in the armed resistance to police officers, as well as the fact that they were carrying out massacres, attacks on buildings, etc. Namely thereafter the prosecutor said he requested a suspension of 7 days in the trial for the prosecution perapradyavlennya Gaponavu and Brevsu, and that this charge will be different from that which was brought before it. In our view, this means that there will be retraining for another article — with the riots on something else. Perhaps it will be disorderly, perhaps — group actions grossly violating public order. But, obviously, it will be softer article. Because they suggest other alternative penalties not involving deprivation of liberty. But I think that this petition prosecution due to the fact that to prove the guilt for the crime "riots" in relation Gaponava Brevsa and on the basis of the evidence that was presented to the court today, is simply impossible.

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