Strong wind and snow are expected in Buryatia

Forecasters Buryatia handed storm warning, Thursday and Friday are expected heavy snowfall and wind gusts of up to 33 meters per second, the motion is difficult in the passes, told RIA Novosti on Wednesday GUMCHS representative in the country.

In most areas of the country will fall sleet, heavy snowfall in some places with strengthening north-westerly winds of 15-20 meters per second, blizzards and drifts, wet snow. On Friday in the area of the Selenga gusts can reach up to 28-33 meters per second. In the next few days will be cooling to 10-12 degrees, while on Wednesday the arrow goes up to 2-5 degrees above zero.

"When the storm winds often whipping overhead power lines that contribute to the fire. Heads of municipalities, local governments, organizations, institutions, enterprises of all forms of property, housing and public utilities should take steps to bring the settlements, economic facilities and housing in fire-safe condition "- said the representative of the Ministry for Emergencies.

On the roads projected sleet, snow drifts and reels, he said.

On a number of passes is difficult to move. Puffing on a mountain pass on the road of regional significance in the north of Lake Baikal a limit on the passage of buses and trucks. In this part of the track on Wednesday night it was snowing. Although road machinery clears the way, the pass is quite slippery.

In Ulan-Ude, where on Saturday occasionally snows because of snow and icy conditions Nakata increased accident: for Wednesday morning was more than 20 accidents reported in the traffic police in the country.

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