Stupidity IQ Test

It has long been assumed that IQ tests (IQ test) absolutely does not disclose the actual level of human intelligence, so as to affect the result of factors. New studies confirm this version.

Study, involving more than 100 thousand people, was conducted online and was available at all points of the globe. Respondents were asked to go through a set of 12 cognitive tests for attention, thinking, memory, and fill out a questionnaire about family and lifestyle.

"The results were surprising — says Adrian Owen, a senior researcher in the project. — We have assumed that the study will involve several hundred respondents, but eventually the tests were thousands of people of different cultures, religions and ages. "

The results showed that the observed changes in performance can be attributed to at least three different factors: short-term memory, thinking and verbal component. There is not a single component, which would explain all alone. In addition, the researchers used magnetic resonance imaging to confirm that the differences in the cognitive map are determined by different brain circuits. So, and "intelligence" as a single entity does not exist, and there are several types of skills, working independently of each other and form a complete picture. This means that IQ tests do not correct and do not reflect the real picture.

In addition, scientists have found some interesting patterns — namely, age, sex, and addiction to computer games affect cognitive abilities. Ironically, regular exercise is not important to them. But old age is quite predictable at times interferes with memory and ability to reason. People often playing computer games, show significantly better results of short-term memory. Smokers short-term memory, however, worse — as well as verbal factors. Those who suffer from anxiety also exhibit the worst performance of short-term memory.

The findings are published in the journal Neuron in an article titled "The fractionation of human intelligence."



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