Stupidity is the new libel has no boundaries

Recently I wrote an article about the festival of the Protection of the Mother of God, and mentioned briefly while on Bogoljubovo, as both the holiday and the first dedicated to him in Russia Church of the Intercession on the Nerl founded St.. Orthodox Prince Andrew Bogolyubskii.
Alas, my words about the haters of this monastery were prophetic: "… the power of prayer and missionary work could not arouse hatred of the enemies of Holy Russia. Slander and dirt on the heroes of the faith has always been inevitable in a fallen world. On the Internet, for example, was taken by a lot of horror stories about what a shelter in the Bogolyubov allegedly holding children on bread and water, and make them do a thousand prostrations a day, Bogoljubovo — is allegedly center of a "conspiracy" against the Patriarch, that there is no mention the name of His Holiness the service. Half a dozen committees, including — Patriarchal and refuted slander about the orphanage, which is actually the pupils were given a tremendous opportunity for busy with school and sports, great food. And of course, Bolubovo always commemorated the Patriarch, in what could make anyone who will go there on pilgrimage. But, alas, it is only believers go Bolubovo even from Kaliningrad, or from the Altai region. But the liberal hacks, including — Call themselves "orthodox journalists" prefer "to do" their libels, without going beyond the Garden Ring. They are always looking for enemies, and, in the end — all, be sure to find another black cat in a dark room, even if it's not there.

But this writer, who has written a number of positive materials about His Holiness, osobennoo his successful visit to Ukraine was able to fully communicate normally with a wise spiritual father of the monastery. Peter (Kucher), the prioress and sisters of the monastery. If they wove a "conspiracy" against the hierarchs, it is unlikely that would deal with those publicists who praise the Patriarch. Our liberal conspiracy theorists are unlikely uymutsya in his libel, and better to just not pay attention to their new "version", which are certain to appear in the media over and over again. Properly Vysotsky said, "I hate gossip in the form of versions!." And what happened? Less than a week since the release of this article, as in many leading media, from TV program "Vesti" to the newspaper "Izvestia", not to mention the multitude of smaller media outlets, there were conspiracy "versions" of the "suffering" of children and, in fact, about ties … o.Petra Wahhabis. Once again, we can see that everything has its limit. Except stupidity. Even worse and worse still need to have the mind and professionalism.

Defamatory articles on the Internet, "presents details of scandal in the monastery" begins with the words: "Methods of education and punishment of children in the Holy Bogolyubov monastery are reminiscent of the impact of totalitarian sects, said the head of Suzdal District Vladimir diocese priest Vitaly Rysev. He said that the teens were starving and not allowed to sleep at night. At the same time, lived in the monastery of young men who were engaged in military training and studied the experience of the Caucasus militants. "

One would like to ask the author abstracts: it all in your mind? What is not only accused of. Peter (Kutcher) in the "Russian fascism", "Orthodox fundamentalism," but hints accuse him also of having links with the Wahhabis? The second question is: how can young people be engaged in military training, if they are deprived of sleep and starve? This things are mutually exclusive. Third question: what is the "sin" of military training activities? Its elements are studied in schools and a huge variety of sports groups and clubs, and the glory of God. We certainly understand that liberals dream destroy the army and raise children not men who love their homeland, and "transgender" — perverse creatures of indeterminate sex. But it still seems to be degenerative European laws on "gender and transgender equality" rejected by the governments of the CIS countries. Where does so much anger from a journalist?

To quote an unprecedented interview on absurdities priest Vitaly Ryseva, which became one of the initiators of the campaign against the monastery: "As for girls, it was scary. It was very hard and cruel. They have a feeling of guilt Valley Perov, because they somehow cheated, and she was telling the truth, but this year they became citizens received the documents and recognize their responsibility to the country, to his friends, and they were faced with a firm decision necessarily tell the truth, to never do repeated that children are not tortured "

I recall that the decision on the guilt someone can only take the court. Or priest Vitaly Rysev like Vyshinskii believes that recognition and evidence — a "queen of evidence"? "Fear", "scary", "cruel", "children tortured …" Scarecrow … And there is the evidence? Especially because it is a juvenile, which has always been easy to "put pressure". The last time — did not work, but "good" Uncle Zykov — lobbyist for the legalization of drugs and condemned by the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church of Juvenile Justice and distributed vospitannitsam ran their business cards, offering them a run. The last time and did not come to court, defamation of the monastery was denied at a half-dozen commissions from the Prosecutor General's Office investigators, to the Patriarchal Commission. There are no "fear" and torture was not revealed.
Simple question: why all of a sudden just now, away from the monastery, after the elimination of the shelter, some teens have testified. Not to order it?
And importantly, such a massive information attack on the CIS is absolutely impossible without a team of "top." Through the efforts of the "truth-seekers" do not pick up the leading newspapers, television stations, popular sites. That can not be, because it can never be.
"- Said the children showed films about the Chechen rebels?

— These are the children said I was not looking. Education showed Chechen, I really can not say, Wahhabi, or something. But they say it, I did not see it, but I understand that such an education is, in this respect, they have worked very hard. "
That is to say: the whole liberal, usually associated with Western grants Internet is crawling with allegations that Bolubovo praised Chechen Wahhabis, showed films about them, and it said the priest allegedly committed V. Rysev. Now it turns out that he "can not say," "Wahhabis are not Wahhabis," "I did not see it," "the children said," … One grandmother said, but the Liberals raised the howl of a "worldwide conspiracy" "fundamentalists" Bolubovo. Coming soon to tell what o.Petr — one of the unforgettable Beni Okay, who allegedly looking for almost all intelligence agencies of the world, but can not find … announced that the villain in a turban hid the Bogolyubov monastery …
"The fundamentalists of all countries, unite!". If it was a single journalist, one could say that it's paranoia, but because the attack was organized by the huge number of Russophobian media, it is clear that this is a cold-blooded registered slander, however, unprofessional, and hastily concocted.
"- And what is the twelve days in a monastery?

— Twelve days in seclusion. It was a terrible punishment — the first three days without any water, dry hunger strike,
then the communion bread, bread, water, latrine bucket, unheated room. "
This new horror story yet pohlesche old. A year ago, Valentine Perov, which due to a conflict with the teachers fled from the monastery, wrote that she was forced to do by 1000 prostrations a day. This will not stand, and athletic man in his prime, not that fragile girl. Now it is quite scary, as much horror … The Liberals, under the dictation of a letter which was written by Vali Perov, well versed in the law (and in this they went too far, because such a letter could write only experienced lawyers and publicists, not a young girl, with modest abilities), which is very poorly versed in matters of church. Hence the folly of a thousand prostrations a day that children endure no means could.
But there's an interview with the priest V. Ryseva robust and very frank confessions: "Who, in your opinion, has initiated a thorough check of your school?

— Head of the Department of Education Vladimir diocese. "
I mean, he just admitted there was a conflict with the leadership of his own diocese. That's the reason for his attacks on Bogoljubovo — information noise scandal with a monastery score discord in their school.
It would seem better to keep silent … But — thank you for your candor.
"Officially shelter Bogolyubsky Holy Monastery has long been closed, there are no children on its territory no information about the ill-treatment of inmates — the lies and slander", — said the nun Antonia (Davidkovskaya), responsible for the minor children stay in the former orphanage Holy Monastery Bogolyubsky . According to her, "someone needs to raise a scandal that recall the events of the last year-old."
This author wrote about last scandal around the monastery and its figurants, false accusers, who then, unfortunately, not punished for his slander. In fact, since then nothing has changed. Children have attended the same "highly moral people." For example, a run down on Western grants a member of the Public Chamber Zykov, whose name became a household name for his anti-social activities.
"A lot of kids were there in the lawless situation — said a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Oleg Zykov psychiatrist. — Not that violated their rights, they simply were not there. They were not even counted. There have been a number of children that did not know the name of the local authority under guardianship. "
To quote my one-year-old stuff, "Here he writes about the Orthodox Zykov expert psychiatrist Lyul'ka" Oleg Zykov, besides the fact that he is president of the Foundation "NAS", a member of the Public Chamber, a member of the Human Rights Commission under the President of Russia, even and the Deputy Chairman of the Independent Expert Council on Substance Abuse (Nespav). It was this advice at the time initiated the revision of Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the average single doses. According to this amendment, the mean single dose of drug use were significantly increased. Largely thanks to Mr. Zykov, if police officer showed a man 12 matchboxes of marijuana or 50 checks (doses) of heroin, he was not entitled to bring such criminal proceedings. The maximum penalty for this offense — 15 days and a fine. His victory in the fight for the amendment activists — including Mr. Zykov — considered a "small revolution", which began as a result of the collapse of Death: one only Yekaterinburg in the first two months of the amendment died from drugs is 18 times more people than in the same months without this killer article.

But it really was only a small revolution, because the Foundation "NAS" now stands for the legalization of methadone, hard drugs, which have so far denied. And if Zykov gets his, then, according to many experts of addiction, it will be a new rise of drug epidemics. But this is the head of "anti-drug" is not enough. He openly expressed intention in the future to achieve the legalization of heroin!
In addition, Oleg Zykov constantly lobbying for the bill on juvenile justice, arguing that the country needs a new youth policy. "
Over the past year Zykov has made new steps towards the destruction of society. Here is a recent article about his scandalous activities.

A year ago, he cut a poor figure with Bogoljubovo, and now, apparently, wants revenge. The Public Chamber of Russia, where running the show proplachennye grant-West and a liberal fanatics brutally hate Russia, which has at such figures have long deserved popularly known as "anti-social".

The organizers of the attack has long been firmly decided to do to make the monastery guilty of all the troubles. How else can one interpret the words Russian Children's Ombudsman "Since this is not the first case of child abuse in this monastery, now there is another valid form of the device of the monastery — in him there is no shelter. However, people live there, especially around the monastery mother nun going with children, performing obedience. And now we have to figure out what happened, by whom has been taken to confirm whether the cruelty and child abuse "- quoted by the business newspaper" Sight "statement Pavel Astakhov. Past Commission found no evidence of child abuse, which is recognized in what was then the official conclusion of the Prosecutor's Office. Where does the statement is contrary to the legal culture? Is it because he wants to destroy the monastery?

Astakhov generally known for his extreme liberalism, condemned by the Church lobbied the juvenile justice system.
He is unlikely to greatly enjoy the uncompromising position of the monastery to protect family values. It could easily want to be finished with the spiritual center antiyuvenalnogo resistance.

New and screams were heard from the "missionerov" — Kirill Frolov and K. Kirill Frolov is a friend and associate of convicted UOC Ukrainian "political orthodox" Kaurova against which is also in an open letter in his time were almost all Orthodox-patriotic organizations of Ukraine. Now the site Kaurova slanders all the monasteries, not only on the Bogolyubov, but also on the Optina, which causes more resentment of the church people. These people want nothing less than to eradicate monk, turning the church into a bunch of rock-obsessed hysterics. Nearly all the activities Frolov — one big scandal, crippling the Church and the Ukrainian-Russian relations.

A few months ago, the author of this article was on a round table organized in Kiev Rostislav Ishchenko, President of the Center for Systems Analysis and Forecasting. It Kirill Frolov, more than doubled the time limit, was just insane. And drew protests of three people present, respected among Russian patriots. It's a style a la Zhirinovsky bring sensible things to the absurd and discredit their hysteria and lunacy. That then this whole game with gusto quoted Russia's enemies. Too bad, then I do not have time to write an article about the new tricks of Kyrill Frolov. Do not worry, I've already talked to some Russian leaders of the patriotic movement. It is time to community organizations in an open letter to the leadership of the Institute of CIS countries, the Russian Embassy in Ukraine to debunk two myths: that Frolov understands something in Ukrainian affairs. And that his wild speeches benefit the Ukrainian-Russian relations.

Frolov associates do not disdain any slander. So, already referred to an interview with Fr. Vitali Rysev ends with the phrase:
"Father Vitaly delicately presents the information in their interviews. In private, he formulated sharper. Boys from Bogoljubovo first days after the transfer to him in high school talked mostly mat called themselves Orthodox martyrs … "

Many times I have been to the Holy Bogolyubov monastery. Lived in a room
next to the room of young students of the monastery. And as the spirit can not say I was struck by breeding of these children and young people, and, just, complete lack of foul language, which is now typical for almost all children from all walks of life. Moreover, as luck I heard the story of one of the nuns of the older youths admitted to the military school. They complained o.Petru that everything foul language, and do not pray before meals. Father Peter said, "I bless stand your ground, praying and never swear." And one of the boys told me that after his prayers to him with respect classmate came and asked him, too teach prayers.
Do not believe me, believe the other pilgrims, "… a joyous ringing of the bell has notified the beginning of a new day, and called upon all the inhabitants of the monastery to the rise and the morning prayer. Following the ringing everywhere started to sound cheerful voices of the children. I got up and looked out into the hallway, but quickly stepped back as a children's merry band with fervent cries ran out of their rooms and rushed down the stairs to the first floor wash. At the sound of children's dialect of young students of the monastery, suddenly surfaced in my mind a recent episode of life, when a friend asked to fetch the little son who is studying in one of the new-fangled Kiev schools. Those little words that I heard from involuntarily there the students would enter into a stupor, not only construction workers, but also the legendary shoemakers. Here came the hubbub of a normal healthy child, without any inclusions dialectical untranslatable expressions that we hear so often, unfortunately, from the children in his home town. But Shelter boys were mostly picked up on the street father Peter and his companions. Later I learned that boys are brought up in the spirit of the Orthodox army — in addition to general education courses, and the guys are starting military training, martial arts, and some of the older kids even tried his hand at skydiving. In general, spirituality, education, and physical education are keeping pace with each other. And when I saw in the church, with what earnest faith pray pupils, could not help wondering, be that as it may, Holy Russia reborn, here they are, the future Orthodox soldiers Relight and Fyodor Ushakov. How sad that my children are adults, and then I sent them periodically to the monastery to be raised by his father Peter …. ".

I am also a child in high school, he was trained in the sport club. Coaches — former martial arts instructor of the Navy and Marine Corps taught us tough. Crosses of 25 km, kilometer run with worn on the shoulders of his comrades, and lagging coach friendly, but from the heart with a rifle butt kicked in the shoulder, skydiving. And for that, I am still grateful to their coaches because they taught me a lifetime to keep fit and tough punch. They did not kept in the section: do not like it — leave, and after a couple of months in the left section of the 25 percent of the initial composition. As far as I know, Bolubovo military training children was less rigid. Morals are more liberal. And especially do not have them, "tortures" — what do we! More healthy children is hard to imagine they looked much healthier truly "chamorochnyh" teenagers in Kiev and Moscow, which, instead of exercising sit playing computer games and porn movies. A smelly foul language is characterized as a time for hysterical opponents of the monastery. They do not even realize that among churched, and just decent people, it is not accepted. Not accepted even in a narrow range, not to mention — on the public. But in the range of anti-Catholic-minded frollerov swearing, drunkenness and fornication are so common that they do not even hesitate to take them out in the media!

If the examples of abuse at the fringes of the Internet leaders such as Frolov and his friends, then this article will not be able to read the minors. A simple example: a slanderous attack on the Bogolyubov monastery again scored another friend and colleague Frolov — "spin doctor" and "orthodox public figure" Militarev. By a strange delusion of some churched Orthodox public figures, he, unlike Kirill Frolov, reputed to be smart. But it is enough to read his blog, which is crowded with unprintable expressions to understand: Militarev far from Orthodoxy, for more or less the church people never in my life would be so expressed, and even clergymen acting on the ROC! Militarev — no political strategist, for if a man is positioning himself Orthodox, he must disguise themselves and mimic Orthodox person, otherwise it will fall toritet the author, and no one will not be able to manipulate it. Therefore, I can only sympathize with the curators of the Exotic. I know from my own bitter experience how difficult it is to address issues with fools — subordinates. Learn To quote "spin doctor" and "orthodox" Militarev and his friends, excuse me, brothers and sisters, for the spiritual sight of this stinking garbage and present "Feast" feeble mind:
In the photo on LJ — Schwarzenegger and Medvedev:
"Who is there vye … ve? I brought the Terminator! "

Even if you hate your President, we must still comply with even the shadow of decency … Also there is available a terrible foul language to the existing clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church, which he calls simply by the name, humiliating not only their dignity, but dignity. We will not give it here. As conceived by the curators of the poor fellow, apparently, was, winning credibility among the Orthodox, "rebuild the church." "The genius of political technologies" planned to do this swearing … Well … God always punishes the enemies of the Church taking away the mind.

What really hate the monastery his psychopathic enemies? I think, for a real confrontation Bogoljubovo world evil. For clear, not subject to political correctness, false speech about spiritual Bogoljubovo. Peter (Kucera). If he began to wag as it is now fashionable to say that in today's edition of globalization there are also big pluses for Russia and the Church that had settled in the patriotic movement and a lot of injustice, the monastery would be left alone. So now, many in the Church, alas, do. But the soldier, accustomed to meeting challenges chest, a Christian, to be ordained during the celebration of militant atheism, calls a spade a spade. He rightly denounces the West, the top of which destroys the institution of the family as such throughout the world, is spreading drugs and euthanasia drives Christianity. That began to persecute o.Petra, interfering remodel the church and Russia on the patterns of the devil new world order.

Recently published a letter from a parishioner Olga Tjurina monastery. Here is an excerpt from it: "Think about how much we have abandoned and homeless children, how many are sold into slavery and bullied in orphanages?! However, it seems no one is interested, but the fate of a supposedly "offended" at the monastery of children stirs the public is not the first year! And the shelter is not — these are all the same "Rysev" who are willing to talk about any nasty Bogolyubskii monastery …
It is necessary to make a fool … we head to the American grants introduces yuvenalku — select and sell abroad our children! ..
There are forces in Russia are able to understand and to "separate the wheat from the chaff"! ..
…. You know, I'm surprised innocence of our nation! It only shows his sincerity and! How many times have we been cheated, but we still believe in the "box." Do you think that all of these media have been in a monastery and studied the fate of the "poor" children? Yes, it is obvious that it zakazuha! And those who actually visited the monastery, know his father Peter, are indignant once malign
ed. "

At the end of this article we wish to reiterate that ordered the powerful anti-Orthodox forces campaign against Bogoljubovo is extremely hasty and unprofessional character.

I think, not only in scale, but also on the stupidity of the current libel Bogoljubovo surpassed last year. And therefore I will end the same — complete failure. Five hundred years ago, on the Russian monasteries collapsed persecution on the part of the so-called Jewish Heresy. Now it seems the monks are trying to drive the representatives of the new heresy — "heresy duremarstvuyuschih."

Igor Druz
23/10/2010 1:52

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