Sudd swamp!

Nature — a unique creator. After all, it is even out of this swamp can create spectacular beauty that attracts many tourists. In confirmation of this — a place called Sudd. It is a huge swamp, which is considered to be the biggest on the planet.

Sudd located in a large valley of the famous White Nile. And despite the fact that the soil is swampy, almost the entire region then inhabited. The thing is that the area here is very fertile and allows local people to actively engage in farming. All the rest of Sudan — is endless sandy desert. And only occasionally found plateaus, which are very arid.

Where pitched their vast swamp can be found even livestock. Only some birds live here about four hundred species. See here may also many mammals. And even exotic plants here feel great. They occupy an area of several thousand kilometers. This can be compared with the area of Italy. Sudd — a huge area with impassable swamps. It's not possible to swim, drive or even go through. It is therefore up to the end of these spaces have not been studied.


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