Survive the Apocalypse

Not a great mind started up the rumor of a survivalist's lone lunatic, foil-finished by hiding in burrows fear a nuclear strike, where they sit on piles of canned food and fancy weapons. Chat with James Rawls (James Rawles) for five minutes, and it's clear — he's not one of those who live with illusions. Rather, it is what we live by them.


Rowles — a striking example of the new millennium survivalist. Instead of mumbling to himself in a bunker, retired army captain shares through his blog concepts of survival, exchanging ideas with readers around the world and encouraging residents of multi-storey hives beefy tear on the seat sofas.

"A great deal of people do not even think the origin of the water when they turn the tap, or current, when they flip the switch," — says Rawls. "From all of our society has become incredibly dependent and vulnerable."

Rawls for survival — is not training in post-apocalyptic future that will never come. Is to establish relationships with other people and the development of skills that are in demand in a very real world, development of our grandparents and great-grandparents. Rawls's voice, as economist Gary North (Gary North), heard in the chorus, warning about the fragility of our world, the strength of which we were so sure.

It is possible that we are on the brink of worldwide economic depression and the experience of grandparents can be very valuable. "This is politics," — says Rawls. "The doctrine of self-sufficiency will like" green "and the neo-conservatives."

And anyone who lives in areas at risk from earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or fires. If you live in California, this is for you. "Prepare for the worst but unwise. Troubles There are smaller, much more probable that the forest fire," — says Rawls after a morning hunt elk. "Expecting the worst, we may miss something."

In contrast, with like Rawls offer practical — and, moreover, unexpected — advice. For beginners: do not do it alone. Of course, you can get the basic equipment such as a water filter and learn first aid. However, the more important the cooperation with your neighbors.

For example, Rawls does not hoard supplies for yourself in the year ahead. He prefers to have a reserve for three months, but for the four families. "As a Christian, I believe their biblical responsibility to do everything I can for my family and my neighbors" — said Rawls.

Call it a Christian social worker or reactionary.

Writing about survival Skuzen Joel (Joel Skousen) advises to take quite conservative steps, for example, conducted from neighbors and be prepared to give shelter to your friends and families if they touch the adversity. "Weave a network of associates and friends," — campaigning Skuzen. "You can, for example, together purveyance store or buy a generator."

The trend goes away from the relationship with friends and neighbors to the goods and supplies an extensive range of relying on public transport links and the meager stores, made the situation fragile and pliable.

Rawls points to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina as an example of the speed with which large cities often without food and water. "In today's grocery store right expression" What you see — you can buy "(original — what you see is what you get), because there is no stock of goods in general," — like Rawls. "Every time something went wrong, again and again we see the same thing — people breaking into store, sweep away everything from the shelves, the next day to come and wonder."

About Obviously, this family business — to secure a reserve in case of emergency, even one that Rawls calls "KSKT", or "end of the world as such" (in the original — "TEOTWAKI" — "The End Of The World As We Know It ").

Start with clean water. Rawls recommends to buy a reliable filter as compact models Katadyn, such as those that are sold in tourist shops. If you live in a mansion, consider using rainwater. "The average citizen or resident of the suburb, is not ready for this," — says Rawls. "Such inflexibility of mind is deadly."

on skills, not stocks, will be most valuable in the decisive moment. Ability to administer first aid — is a start, warns Rowles. He also strongly advised to learn traditional skills like gardening, construction, sedentary animal husbandry, canning and blacksmithing. "Get them now — and they will serve you great in the future, no matter what happens, even if just happen to pass to their offspring."

Or they will become the hobby that will burn fat and thus prevent heart attacks.


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