Swan, frozen in the ice of the river, rescued in Kaliningrad

Employees of the Civil Defense and Emergencies Kaliningrad conducted an operation to rescue the wild swan, frozen in the ice of the river Pregel in the city center, told RIA Novosti the head of Yuri Filatov.

Rescuers called indifferent citizens. Swan vmerz the ice of the river in the area of the Jubilee Bridge in "Fishing Village" in the center of Kaliningrad.

"The operation was dangerous for our children — the ice in this place loose. But they took the net, getting to a swan on ice, drove it into the net. Then Swan managed to pull ashore. Bird is now in the city veterinary hospital, where the left to prevent" — said Filatov.

He said that in the winter Kaliningradians traditionally reported dozens of frozen birds in urban waters. In this case, due to the abnormal cooling of the number of such reports is increasing.

"We get a lot of calls. Example, recently reported that the Pregel freeze as five swans. Our came, saw — swans calmly stood on the wing and flew away. Regarding this swan, it really vmerz the ice tail — per night he picked up the frost. From these challenges, we will never give up "- said Filatov.

According to him, the salvation of the swans in the region no one does, including municipal "of Protection", to which, according to lifeguard at the weekend to call impossible.

Earlier regional GUMCHS reported about the upcoming anomalous cooling in the next three days. According to the forecast, the temperature drops to minus 19-21 degrees, which is significantly below historical averages.

Due to the cooling of the first deputy head of the city Svetlana Amanita on Sunday signed an order declaring in Kaliningrad on high alert.

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