SWAT. Assignment of special importance watch online

SWAT.  Assignment of special importance watch online

Before the units Special Forces to act by the enemy, they have to get there. Russian high command has a choice: either to send special forces troops behind enemy lines before the war, or send them back after how war unleashed. In the first case, the enemy can not find them, to realize that war has already begun and could push the start button of a nuclear war — ahead of the Russian Alliance. But if the troops Special Forces will be sent after the war, it may be too late. Opponent may have to increase its nuclear capacity, after This has nothing to do will be in the rear of the enemy — the rocket will be flying in the Soviet countryside. One possible solution to this problem would be that it would be better if small groups Special Forces — Prof. athletes — pervaded before the war, taking extraordinary measures in order not to be discovered, while the standard units fall into the enemy's rear after started howling

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