SWAT gave to share solidarity with political prisoners of the KGB

Solidarity protesters arrested on the way to the KGB.

February 28 7 young activists UCP were arrested on October Square in the capital, when heading for the KGB, where the planned action of solidarity with political prisoners. Were detained Oleg Korban, Zahar Mikhalkin, Michael Mikulic, Dmitry Boyko Oleg Kirol, Alexander Stepanenko and Dmitry Sil'chenko. Boys arrested for alleged identity check and a bus were taken to the central police station rayadel which held the 3:00 and was released without being drawn up. Oleg Korban mentions actions police in civilian clothes:

"There were quite a lot. At the center of all administrative buildings were under their care. Stood outside the KGB, GUM, on October Square, perhaps somewhere else. And, too, we were approached by people from the leadership of the Minsk Special Forces. If I am not mistaken, there was One of the leaders of the Minsk Special Forces. "

According to Oleg Korban, young Democrats were going to just stand for a short time near the KGB with portraits of prisoners "American", which is held in the case on December 19.



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