Tell the truth, admitted where the money

Activists of the "Tell the Truth" summed up the work, described the new company "People's Solidarity" and admitted receiving money from which to operate. Moreover, according to tradition, journalists were treated to caviar. This time-baklazhannay. And only the editor of "Nasha Niva" red handed jar of this salmon.


"Tell the Truth" will organize a buffet with caviar, "Ikrametnaya Journalism", "Feast or Famine", "caviar opposition" — articles with titles some online sites and publications noted the first anniversary of the civil campaign "Tell the Truth."

The company has a lot of supporters and detractors. According to the analyst Vladimir Mackiewicz, "Tell the Truth" met expectations on themselves during the election: a new force, a new person Neklyaeva, vigorous activity. But whatever it was successful — the result, no success:

"We need to be critical of what was to assess reflexive approaches, methods and results. From the "Tell the Truth" nobody did. Nekljaev and can not Fyaduta do it, but, apparently, and others. Or the whole campaign "Tell the Truth" is reduced to only those persons who are now sitting? Therefore it is necessary to admit mistakes, if something happens. "

Svetlana Naumova

At a press conference the leaders of the campaign publicly discussed their mistakes, weaknesses. The report of a special section "Work on the bugs," said Svetlana Naumova. For example, one of the biggest mistakes was that before the actual mayhem on May 18 the company has not paid attention to security. There were ridiculous:

"We can not forget the famous story of the fur seals. It was not planned, "PR campaign", it really was a random nonsense. At the time Nekljaev posted as a politician, he suddenly said, as a poet. If we talk about serious shortcomings, we could not create what we really dream: some mobile alliances with various community organizations. "

Svetlana Naumova told about resources, noting that investing in this word a lot more sense than most people think.

"Resources — it's not just money, but can not do without them. Resources — people, intelligence and many more. This company has not been grant campaign. You will not find any fund that would be financed campaign "Tell the Truth." The company has existed on the money donors. And today, call them names I just do not have the right, even without their consent. But I know that time will come, and we say about it. "

The leader of the campaign Nyaklyayeu— Under house arrest, Alexander Fyaduta— In the KGB jail. Five activists — accused in a criminal case, two — the suspects, one is sentenced to 4 years, 9 activists should hide in another country. But the "Tell the Truth" continues to operate. From now on, the company announced a new "People's Solidarity," said Andrey Dmitriev:

"Today, in 12 cities of Belarus activists apply for solidarity pickets. Back in the 12 cities until March 4 will also be applied for — on picket lines on 19 March and 25 March. We want people all over the country came out with posters and reminded that today the country has a really big problem — a problem of political prisoners. "

Andrey Dmitriev, Svetlana Naumova, Sergei Wozniak.

Talked a lot about other new projects, and the completion of the campaign to the streets assignment in Minsk and Grodno behalf of Vasil Bykov.

Was promised and caviar. This time, eggplant, Ukrainian and Chinese production. Svetlana Naumova explained:

"Other times, other and caviar. But as the caviar was promised, so I would like to convey to the author "ikrametnay notes" on his own behalf (and not on the "Tell the Truth") jar of red caviar. So if anyone can give, please "(cheers).

As representatives of "Nasha Niva" in the beginning of the press conference was not spawn decided to send the mail. By the end of the celebration in the hall there was a photojournalist, "Nasha Niva", which is a gift and asked to convey to Mr. Dynko.

Press photographer Julia Darashkevich with caviar for "Nasha Niva".

Still, why the company is "Tell the Truth" has caused so much criticism why the hostility it had taken some democratic movements, opposition forces? Political scientist Vladimir Mackiewicz opined:

"We are Belarusians, and we have certain habits that have developed if we are, shall we say, not very successful support, but rather bullied and to stop them. I do not think it gives us the opportunity to accumulate social capital, cultural capital. Unfortunately, it is our general does. We are a little bit, so to speak, is jealous. "

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