Temperature records hold positions

In early summer, forecasters urged Russians is that last year's nightmare does not happen again, but their predictions, unfortunately, not true. For the fifth day of the climate norm in the capital of more than 7 degrees. As a result, Moscow zadyhaetsya smog. It is even more intolerable in the subway, where the air temperature warmed to 30 degrees, which is also bad ventiliruyutsya.

According Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and the Moscow region, the intense heat will continue for at least a few days. Meanwhile, the temperature of the water in the lakes of the capital of the region came to the spa temperature, 25 degrees, but, unfortunately, afford to swim in the middle of the week will be not many.

However, Gidrometeobyuro calms: temperature records, which currently puts Moscow weather, are not absolute, because there have been years when we had to be even harder. For example, memorable and unfortunate past summer, and its "peak temperature" is 35 and a half degrees. And this is the record for this day for more than a century of weather observations.
Representatives Gidrometeobyuro console Muscovites that on July 29 in Moscow, finally, will the relative cooling, the air warms up to 31 degrees.

Until the weather disappoints us with his records, can only wait for at least a small cooling. When abnormal temperature returns to its normal performance, you can continue to enjoy the last summer. Vremepreprovozhdeniem excellent training may be tricks on roller skates. After rollerblading is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. A variety of skills such as slalom and jumping, will have to spend some amount of time.

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