Tests sick Lord sent

How nice to see the classic picture of the village at all times. A bearded man in a sheepskin coat rides in a sleigh, which drags a hardy horse. But against the backdrop of the castle walls is a common thing looks particularly beautiful. Is not that against the background of rainbow agricultural town houses, which grew almost opposite Krevo castle. Little man in a sleigh was my first Krevsk companion.

— And you do not know Vladimir Neklyaeva?

— Know. Here and his aunt lives. They are very careful, religious. Their words do not say bad. In Krevo anybody. What happens in the election, I do not know. But here … He comes here, his relatives are buried. In the parish church. His Krevsk nothing bad to say. There are many gates voted for him. I even voted for him myself. Ex-rr, wait. In Krevo he received a majority of votes.

On the way to neklyaevskogo home I went to the store, talking to the clerk. Thirty scowling ugly woman. Which felt my faith in the best quality Krivsk people.

— Well what can we say about Neklyaeva? What sympathize? I wanted it and got it. Why climb? Why did you come to the square?

— And he was in the square?

— Well, not at home as he was beaten.

— Properly stoned?

— I do not know what he is not. It is necessary that he prezidentstva.

But I believe in the people of Belarus I returned the next companion. Dressed in an elegant coat, urban-looking woman.

— I love his poetry. And as a person I like him.

— And then vote for him or not?

— Of course, voted. Many voted for, and who knows him better, so in general.

— So you voted for him, what do you think about that now show on BT?

— And I do not watch it. I "Belsat" shows. Terrible, what can I say. Maybe what you provocateur, I'm here to unfold …

— I'm with Radio Liberty.

— I watch "Belsat". I do not listen to the Belarusian program. I can not. I have a rash …

— From nerves …

— As the body goes. My husband's brother was on the Plaza. Heaven and earth. The fact that the show and the fact that it was in reality. He was with his son, he says — barely escaped. Between the houses. 15,000, 10,000, even 5000 — it's the people. It is the people of Belarus. I do not know who will help us. Such good people. Sincere. Why is a president on it for?

I loved the idea of this woman that called the Belarusian people. Like, is not an important number. Five thousand and twenty. The main thing — what unites them. Oh, and about the fact that on such a kind of the bad things people have put the king, then there is no injustice. Suffice it to communicate with the local postman, which are carried by state newspapers.

— And you know him?

— Seen once. We at the club he was. Performances. Only once had to see him.

— And what effect?

— It's nothing. Liked it. Poems said. People say — that will give us this? What do we give it? The same as that Lukashenko. And what shall we be better off? Or in this case, while we should not be. Do not give us this Nekljaev pay more.

— And you are forced to sign people on the state press?

— Of course, force. But he did not force?

— No.

— This can not be. He would have subscribed to? Not wanting to do. Over time, read it.

— It's like for yourself? At myself write out?

— Yes. At his own expense. Read the whole bunch. You want — "Sovetskaya Belorussia", if you want — "People". So quietly and write.

— You are so rich?

— And who asks us, rich or not we? We are so good. Obey the president. Where will you go to complain? Stoves well watered.

— A Nekljaev not forced to you?

— I do not know. Then the mail would not be, it can. And the newspapers would not exist. And who is paying our salaries? Nekljaev paid salary?

As you are such a position? From his meager salary to pay for a lie, and yet at the same time glad that there is such a job? Indeed, good people. This even if absolutely nothing to pay, he will find the pros and positive.

I was fortunate to meet on the way the local Orthodox priest, Father `s Day. Who in the company of two very pious women consecrated home of his flock. The pious women looked at me like I was a messenger from hell. How can speak openly on the subject concluded Neklyaeva? But the priest was a man of philosophical thinking.

Valentine"There were twelve apostles. And there was one Judas among them. Betrayed Christ. And in this society, may also have a Judas. Another's soul — patsemki. We knew him here as a person. Native, attended the temple. A good man. Do not say that he is a bad man. No one scolded it here. Demanded anything from anyone. Normal people. For all priests are good people. And a thief and a bandit, and a repeat offender, and a drug addict, homeless person in the garbage, he is also a man. After all, he created the image of God. "

What type of father of the poet refers Neklyaeva — to Judah or to the homeless, my source did not elaborate. A movement powerfully pointed in the direction of agro-town.

Valentine"And Alexander G., see? Also can respond. On, come live, work. This house is worth twenty thousand dollars. Come on, live. You will be given. "

Go and live there for some reason I desire does not arise. The priest finally gave the main maxims.

Valentine"What are rigged, the Lord alone witness. Time will pass, and all will know. But it is too early to say. Would Nekljaev president, we would welcome it. Will you be the president, we will welcome you. Any power sent from God to us, the people. From God! We need to repent. And that God sends trials to everyone. The Lord sent the test is not necessary. And time will tell all.

It is a pity that my father did not say what God does not like the Belarusians.

On the way to the poet's aunt Gehlen I mixed up the house. And instead neklyaevskoy went to the neighbor's yard. Where I met a neighbor happily Luba. Anyone on a voice, I realized that she herself raises the mood in the morning.

Neighbor"Oh Neklyaeva, perhaps?"

Reporter"Oh Neklyaeva."

Neighbor"That has come. Poet. Money was scarce. And it was the same dollars, millions. Really? Sunk. Watching on TV. Which, you have little money? I voted for him as adnaklasnitsa. All for Lukashenko. Neklyaeva And for no one, no one. "

Wishing Luba does not change your neighbor, I finally got to the poet's aunt Gehlen. The old woman with a good open face sitting under a large campaign poster "For Neklyaeva" was sad.

Gehlen"He's a very nice guy. I wept so much on it. He was a sincere guy. He would come into the house. Immediately kneel. Pray. Sign of the cross. Mother always went to church, he took it from his mother. You know, I say — come as long as I li
ve, because I guess I'm going to die. — "Auntie, we're from the world present. You'll be with us." After all, he has no one here. As a kind of holiday, then it goes here. "

Old Gehlen tantalizing question, which may not provide an answer to the world no.

Gehlen"What did he do wrong? And it gave him grief. That took him from the hospital patient. And took him to jail. So beat anyone, or killed? God only knows. To let him go. "

The old told me a very interesting detail, which is not his father said Valentine. It turns out that after the elections in Krevo visitors came from the capital. Who questioned my father.

— A good father man.

-Vladimir And he confessed?

— Yes. So were there were from Minsk arrived. "Why was he allowed into the church?" The father said: "I have no right to the church not to start. I will not close. Who wants to, he comes.

— It was after the 19th?

— Yes.

— Nayazhzhali on the priest. Why should the church blew?

— It's necessary to think what a person says. Well, how's that? "What blew?" What is he, a child? He baptized there. In the church.

Gehlen old is keen to quickly see his nephew alive and well. And this desire is by no means alone.

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