Thank you, Leonardo! watch online

Thank you, Leonardo!  watch online
Cool-popular-science magazine show "Thank you, Leonardo!"In simple terms is aware of how to construct a variety of things, reveals the secrets and secret world around us. Range of topics most wide, for example, as there are bubbles in the aerated chocolate or what are the hidden reserves of Rights.

01. Humidity.
02. The golden section.
03. Laser — an instrument of bullies.
04. Secrets and Tricks communications.
05. Russian natural gas.
06. What's more useful? Oven or crematorium.
07. What is sugar? The Sweet Life or death snow-white?
08. Who useful. Gosha Kutsenko or Chuck Norris?
09. Housing prices.
10. Shampoo horse's mane.
11. The myth of the bald and hypersexuality.

All about everything. What? How? Why?

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