The bird life. Disc 3 (Part 3 of 3) watch online

The bird life.  Disc 3 (Part 3 of 3) watch online

Birds were flying from the mainland to the mainland for a long time before the people. They have gained the coolest place on earth, Antarctica, for a long time before us. They can survive in the hottest deserts. Some can stay in the air a couple of years, not just rounded the globe. In the process of its own long-term evolution of birds have adapted to life in a variety of criteria, and so now their appearance, the structure of the beak, legs and other body parts distinguished by a large variety. BBC documentary film will reveal to us the new aspects of bird life — these intrepid explorers of the air. Quick hunters unsurpassed travelers, flea and brightest, mysterious and funny — the birds happily reveal to us the secrets.

Birds — the hosts of air, they find a food on land. But most of it is covered by water, and at the dawn of its history some birds were beautiful spices to food production in the water and on the surface.

"Signals and Songs"
Sound plays the most important role in the lives of all birds. With it, they talk. But sound — not the only way to attract a partner, or to raise the alarm to scare the intruder. Some birds do it visually.

"Search companion"
On that just do not go for verbovaniya males than females. The scale and extravagance of their marital ceremonies truly amazing.


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