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The extremists of all stripes come to Syria to fight against Assad

The head of the German Interior Ministry fears that European Islamists can start a "war against the infidels" to return home …


Extremists from Germany are fighting on the side of the rebels against government forces of Syria, told reporters on Wednesday the head of the German Ministry of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich. "We know that there is also a German extremists, for which we have observed in Germany, they are in Syria and fought on the side of the rebels," — he said. According H.-P. Friedrich, the extremists calling the Europeans, held military training abroad, to conduct a holy war against infidels after returning to Europe. The minister did not mention the number of radical Islamists from Germany, in the territory of Syria.

On the eve of the coordinator of the European Union to combat terrorism Gilles de Kerhe said in an interview with BBC BBC that about 500 Europeans are fighting against government troops on the side of the armed opposition in Syria.

"Not all of them adhere to radical ideas when leaving, but many of them probably being radicalized in Syria, they will teach. As we have seen, when they come back, they can pose a serious threat," — he said.

According to the BBC, C, European intelligence agencies are concerned that some of the route to Syria of European citizens can join associated with "Al-Qaeda" groups. The largest number of Europeans fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, from the UK, Ireland and France.

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