The Buddhist temple of Borobudur — Mysticism supermen

The Buddhist temple of Borobudur (born Borobudur) was built in Indonesia VII? IX centuries. The name of the temple is translated, "a Buddhist temple on the mountain." Place for its construction was chosen the island of Java. Actually, Borobudur — this is not a temple but a temple complex. He is considered the largest monument of antiquity in the entire southern hemisphere and the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It is believed that it is possible to achieve a state of nirvana.

The temple has a shape of a pyramid, or a stupa. It consists of 9 storeys, climbing on who should draw people to achieve nirvana. Each tier corresponds to the level of enlightenment, which can be seen in the magnificent relief images adorning the walls of the temple. Thus, in one of the floors can be admired murals of Maya — the mother of the Buddha. On the other tier in the brilliant graphic form with the history of Sudan.

Borobudur temple, a kind of crown is, of course, the image of the Buddha. It is from here — from the top of the temple — you can behold in all the beauty of natural surroundings. According to scientists, this landscape has remained unchanged for 1200 years. The large bell, crowning temple complex is surrounded by 72 smaller bells. The inner side of each of these bells contains an image of the Buddha.



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