The cholera epidemic. How to recognize the disease and protect yourself and loved ones?

The cholera epidemic.  How to recognize the disease and protect yourself and loved ones?


Spread of cholera on the south-east of Ukraine gradually drives the panic throughout the country. 16 cases (including child eighteen months) and at least 6 carriers vibrio cholera vibrio choleriform found in the river, and in the waters of Melitopol and Berdyansk.

It is possible that the number of cases will continue to grow: in Mariupol, the search for carriers of cholera. Check all crewing companies surveyed sailors who during the outbreak in Mariupol chartered or returned home from an international route in search announced three local residents who had contact with patients and fled the city.

In fact the spread of cholera has already filed. As reported in Mariupol city police, previously found that "in the territory of the persons who are responsible for implementing the rules and regulations for the prevention of epidemic and other infectious diseases have been violated sanitary rules to prevent this disease."

Clarified and the causes of the disease. True, while the preliminary findings sanitary station. According to experts, the matter in sewage effluent. "Most likely, there was an unauthorized release of sewage sewage pumping station number 8. Debris gets into the river Kalmius, and later in the sea", — the SES.

By the way, so to speak, the profile of the Green Party also thinks that a cholera epidemic could have been prevented. "In the hard state and local control over the operation of sewer systems, treatment and effluent discharge, and timely investment in the modernization of systems" — the head of this political force Alexander Prognimak.

Whatever it was, the threat of the spread of disease throughout Ukraine remains. And this, unfortunately, officially confirmed by doctors. Therefore decided to tell his readers about what cholera is dangerous, as it is to recognize and how to protect yourself this disease and their families.

Cholera — (from Latin cholera) — anthroponotic acute intestinal infection caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae. The incubation period lasts from a few hours to five days. This infection is transmitted by the fecal-oral route, that is, through the water, dirty food, dirty hands. Air-borne cholera is transmitted. Cholera is dangerous because it produces toxins. The disease occurs suddenly, during the seemingly perfect health.

Symptoms. The disease begins sharply: from the appearance of diarrhea, which later joins vomiting. Chair is becoming more frequent, watery, like rice water (as doctors say, is the most dangerous symptom). Fluid loss in vomiting and diarrhea quickly leads to dehydration, resulting in change, even appearance of the patient: facial features sharpened, develops cyanosis of the skin and mucous membranes. Appear tachycardia, shortness of breath, reduced pressure can be painful muscle spasms of the limbs. The body temperature never rises.

SES representatives warn that these symptoms should always consult a doctor. First, if a person is trying to treat yourself, then it endangers their lives and the lives of others, infecting with a disease. Second, the standard intestinal infection treatments — a solution of manganese, black charcoal, antibiotics — only drive the disease deeper. In this case, the problem is not solved by the strong dehydration, which can lead to congestive heart and kidney failure, heart attack, and, eventually, death.

Risk are children and the elderly. The probability of contracting cholera in people who take antacids, the drugs reduce the acidity, as well as those who have reduced or removed the acidity of the stomach.

How to avoid getting sick? Doctors stress that protect themselves from cholera can, respecting the basic rules of hygiene:

— drink only boiled water, preferably adding a touch of lemon juice or citric acid;

— Wash hands after using the toilet, after touching money, after a trip to transport;

— vegetables, fruits and berries must not forget good clean drinking water, and more for children and pour over boiling water;

— as often as possible to wash a bathroom;

— exclude from the shrimp, which accumulates the cholera;

— you can not buy food at the markets or natural hands of private individuals. Especially for dairy products;

— prohibited from eating foods and drinks that have expired, or at the least suspicion of the defects;

— not eating unfamiliar mushrooms, berries, herbs;

— strictly forbidden to swim in the non-designated places.

Separately, a few tips for those who are going on vacation. Doctors do not recommend taking it easy with perishable products — sausage, milk, cooking, confectionery and other products that should be stored in the cold. In addition, during the holiday without the organized power to exclude multicomponent preparation of dishes that do not have sufficient thermal processing (meat salads, pies). Not worth cooking food with a stock — cooked meals is desirable to use at once, and in the case of repeated use — again subject them to heat treatment. Store the finished dish can be no cold no more than two hours.


The Ministry of Health say that the situation under control. In the fight against cholera in Mariupol City Council allocated 300 thousand hryvnia, which will be used for the purchase of medicines and disinfectants to treat and prevent the spread of cholera. While trying to solve the leadership of Mariupol is the problem, in other coastal cities only prepare for the test with cholera. But only on the Ukrainians themselves depends, will they spread the disease further.

Olga Koryagina,

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