The City Council disbanded in Italy for links to the Mafia

All employees of the city council of the city of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy have been dismissed on suspicion of having links with some members of the board of the influential criminal syndicate 'Ndrangheta. "

According to officials of the Italian representatives, such a move against the leadership of the capital of the whole province is undertaken for the first time. However, in smaller Italian cities this has already happened.


  • Arrest Pasquale Condell in Calabria
  • Arrest Pasquale Condell in Calabria

Lead the city in the year and a half before the next election will be three spetsupolnomochennyh.

As stated by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Italy Anna Maria Kancheleri, Mayor Demetrio Arena and 30 city council members were deprived of positions in order to prevent a "mafia infection" of the local administration,

Longstanding suspicions

According to the correspondent of BBC BBC in Rome Alan Johnston, suspected of having links with the city council 'Ndrangheta "appeared long ago. The investigation into this matter began after one of the advisers was arrested on charges of aiding gangsters.

Experts believe that the "Ndrangheta" surpassed the scope of the Sicilian criminal group "Cosa Nostra" and has become one of the largest crime syndicates in the world.

The main sources of income are considered its cocaine trade, racketeering and money laundering.

To spread its influence throughout the world group uses the migration of the poor people of the province to the north of Calabria in Italy and abroad.

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