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Innovation is a good word



Russian scientific brains are concentrated not only in Skolkovo and the famous Novosibirsk Akademgorodok, but in Samara. Much of what is offered Samara innovators seems fantastic. However, this is not the future, and the present, which is done by the hands of young scientists with the support of the authorities at all levels.


Mikhail Moiseev — Fellow of the Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and imaging systems. And recently, he headed his own small company LLC "svetooptika." The topic of his research — LEDs, more-LED optics. The young scientist is convinced that despite the fact that the word "LED" has long been familiar to all, there are many destinations that allow research in this physical area, competing with foreign companies.

On the table in a study, where Mikhail Moiseyev is engaged in scientific researches, — lamp. At first glance, this is quite a common product, in no way different from a million peers. Well, except that the unusual shape of light bulbs. But it is necessary to enable it to Michael, and understand: on the counter in stores so you will not find. It does not emit light in all directions, and sends it only in the programmed direction. However, while such a device, there is only one copy. "The light from the secondary optics is created using the finest optical elements. They are installed on top of the LEDs and focuses the radiation to the right place — on the desktop, the sidewalk area. In addition, these lamps also "eat" very little electricity in seven to eight times less than conventional incandescent lamp ", says inventor. However, the advantage of such lamps are not only energy-efficient technologies, but also in cost. Together with the trade falsificating these lights will cost six to seven times cheaper Chinese counterparts.
At the end of last year, Mikhail Moiseyev and his design won the All-Russian competition of the projects of young scientists "UMNIK START", and created a small innovative company LLC "svetooptika", which included young scientists Aerospace University. In the near future innovator — to put his invention to the stream. "In March, I'm going to enter into a contract with a partner who will be engaged in mass production of optical elements, — says Mikhail Moiseyev. — We, in turn, will develop them to the needs of the customer. All items will be calculated for individual requirements. "



This is not the only example of the "future" that young scientists are doing today. In the Samara State Medical University, for example, is currently being developed The hardware-software complex surgery training in real-time. Computer "patient" is no different from a living person and helps future physicians to gain invaluable experience not only on paper but in practice. "Now, to train students in real patients is illegal. And what's the future doctors to practice? Our device provides an answer to this question. Last year we won a very serious grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Science for the creation of this software, and after two years we plan to begin mass production of the invention. What is remarkable — in addition to the federal money, the project is implemented also through private investment, "- said the head of innovation at Samara State Medical University, Doctor of Science Alexander Kolsanov. According to him, there are analogues of the drug in the U.S. and Israel. In Russia, Samara "virtual patient" has no equal.

Another invention Samara residents — Dental Implants the new generation that are different from their foreign counterparts unique structure and design features that allow bone tissue to grow through the prosthesis and firmly fix it to the bone. Thus the cost of the implant itself can treat the teeth not only the owners of thick wallets, but also ordinary pensioners. At present invention has a number of awards, including the first place at the All-Russian contest "UMNIK START." Already created a small innovation company that will soon receive the state order for the production of implants. "We have everything ready for the implementation of the project and the creation of a competitive product," — says the inventor, a clinical intern Samara State Medical University Department of Prosthodontics Alex Bayrikov.

There is a word — INNOVATION
Of course, Samara scientists support the city's status as the capital of Russian space and high-tech developments in the space industry. "Historically, the country has always been a top three aerospace direction of Moscow, Kazan and Samara. The situation remains the same and now ", — said Vice President for Science and Innovation, Samara State Aerospace University Andrey Prokofiev.

With his associate of science agree and the head of research at Samara State Technical University Andrei Davydov. "We as a polytechnic university are covering a lot of industries, including aerospace, — he says. — Over the past five years, for example, our university has made with TsSKB "Progress" agreements on joint work by 35 million rubles ".

— Innovative development in recent years has grown considerably, — divided opinion correspondence faculty dean SamGTU, Ph.D. Victor Konovalov. I attribute this to the fact that the government has finally turned its attention to the scientists. There was a lot of federal and regional programs to engage in innovative designs.

Central to everything listed is that of the achievements are not only paper projects, and are used in the production of, and not only on the domestic level. Over the past few years, according to scientists Samara, expanded international activities, the system of education and scientific services actively promoted on the global market. And all this — despite the fact that the Russian science as such is in its infancy. "In fact we are doing innovation since 2006, since that time, when people realized that the word" innovation "is not obscene, but good. Then came another strange word — "Nanotechnology", it is also studied for three years, — says Alexander Kolsanov.

— So now you can only talk about the beginning, the first stage of the development of Russian science in general and science in Samara universities in particular. The development is just beginning, and we hope that the government and the province will support our development. "

COMMENT Alexei SCHERBOVSKIH, clinical resident of Maxillofacial Surgery Samara State Medical University:
— Our university has been developing science student. Projects proposed graduate students, doctoral candidates and young researchers are supported at all levels-federal, regional and municipal. A lot of support and he has college. I'm developing a new composite medical m
aterials, which can be applied in dentistry and orthopedics, as well as in oral and maxillofacial and neurosurgery. The project was supported by the Innovation and Investment Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in science and technology program "Nerd" and "Start". In addition, the development was a finalist for the national award for innovation in 2010 and has repeatedly been the winner of the All-Russia competitions.

Author: Miroslav Timokhina 15.02.2012

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