The Commander in Chief announced the formation of the Mediterranean Squadron

Navy Russia began forming the task force, which will operate on a permanent basis in the Mediterranean Sea, said Monday the Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov after the conference call, which took place in the situational center of the Defense Ministry.

"The Minister of Defense has put us on the task of building the Navy task force to act on a permanent basis in the Mediterranean. We have begun this work, a work in progress, we are doing it for a long time, "- said Teals, as quoted by RIA "Novosti".


According to the Commander of the Navy, is now the Main Command of the Navy examines the challenges of creating such a connection. "To manage the operational connection will be prepared footage that will later be sent to the Mediterranean Sea," — said the admiral Teals.

Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Navy of Russia there are opportunities to create and the operation of the task force of ships in the Mediterranean Sea on a permanent basis.

According to the newspaper VIEW, detailscreation of task force shipsin the Mediterranean Sea in the Russian Defense Ministry started talking at the end of February. It was noted that as a command ship to be created in this region are considered the Navy task force helicopter type "Mistral".

"But there is not the ships themselves, in addition, there should be proper infrastructure for their deployment in the south", — said the representative of the General Staff.

Operative connection of the ships and vessels of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea could be up to 10 units, it must obey the commander of the Black Sea Fleet. At the same time, another source familiar with the situation said that such control can be created and attached to the main headquarters of the Navy under the coordination of the General Staff.

"These issues are being worked out. Such control would deal with issues such as the use of ships in the area of responsibility, and their software, "- said the source.


According to him, in the Mediterranean could be mezhflotskaya grouping of three fleets of ships: the Black Sea, the North Sea and the Baltic, for example the one in the last six months, regularly conducting exercises in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, near the coast of Syria, and it could count 6 — 10 ships.

In the days of the Soviet Union from 1967 to 1992 in the Mediterranean Sea were 5 th Mediterranean squadron of naval ships, numbering at different times from 30 to 50 ships.

Earlier, Defense Minister Sergei Shoiguinstructed to create a managementNavy task force to protect the interests of Russia in the Mediterranean.

We also learned that the four large amphibious ship Russia's Black Sea Fleetwill bein the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Syria on constant duty. The Defense Ministry stressed that the Mediterranean Sea is the responsibility of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

The contract for the construction of two "Mistral" in France, Moscow and Paris signed in June last year. The contract amount was 1.2 billion euros. "Mistral"will carry the names of"Vladivostok" and "Sevastopol". On these shipsestablishthe latest Russian weapons systems and the impact of defensive purposes, including supersonic cruise missile.

Large-scale Russian Navy exercise in the Mediterranean Seaheldthis winter. According to the commander of hiking the Black Sea Fleet deputy chief of staff of the Black Sea Fleet Captain First Rank Yuri Zemsky, the main task was to develop counter-piracy, cargo transfer on the go, as well as the protection of the civilian ship from the outside threats.

These werethe largestover the last decade teaching mezhflotskoy grouping of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea with ships of the Baltic, Northern and Black Sea fleets.

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