The deadly intestinal infection in Europe killed over 20 people


Victims of fatal intestinal infection is increasing. According to the latest data, in Europe killed 20 people. The epidemic reached Finland and Italy — there hospitalized several German tourists. In Germany, are still trying to determine the source of infection. Specialists review cafes and restaurants. According to doctors, this is how the infection could spread in a short time, TV channel "Russia-24".

Chinese microbiologists, to decipher the genome of E. coli aggressive, common in Germany, discovered the genes that allow the bacteria to resist the effects of the eight classes of antibiotics. Researchers from the Shenzhen branch of the Beijing Institute of Genomics, the world's largest center for the study of DNA, note that the new strain of E. coli is able to resist, in particular, sulfonamide, cephalothin, penicillin and streptomycin. This, according to Chinese researchers, helps explain why European doctors have such difficulty in dealing with this strain.

Now Chinese scientists are developing a set of diagnostic agents, which will establish the presence of bacteria and help stop its spread. DNA samples of the bacteria were obtained by Chinese microbiologists through cooperation with German colleagues. In order to decipher the genome of the bacteria, the Chinese took three days. Found that the new strain of 0104 by 93 per cent identical to E. coli EAEC 55989 E.coli — aggressive bacteria from Central Africa, causing severe diarrhea, according to ITAR-TASS.

European doctors recommend not to eat raw vegetables, especially cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Rospotrebnadzor banned the import of vegetables to Russia with the EU.

German survivor spoke of the transferred intestinal infection

Dangerous intestinal infection in Europe enters the new boundaries. The number of victims of the virus has reached twenty. Cases of infection reported in Italy and Finland. 

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