The death toll from flooding in Thailand exceeded 240

Flooding in Thailand.  Photo: © REUTERS / Chaiwat SubprasomBANGKOK, Oct. 6 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. Catastrophic flooding that began in Thailand in late July, according to the October 6, killed 244 people, the statement said Disaster Warning Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Thailand.

Previously reported 212 dead.

Rain water from the mountain's northern provinces in the appropriate central, where the situation has become increasingly complex, the document said. Currently flood covers 28 of the 77 provinces. In all of it hit 2.6 million citizens of Thailand.

In the next few hours will be open dam floodgates country's largest irrigation reservoir of King Bhumibol, located in the province so in northern Thailand. Opening Gateways crowded reservoir is needed to reduce the load on the dam engineering, said on Thursday the newspaper Nation with reference to the department of irrigation. The inflow of water from the reservoir is above raise the water level in the rivers, the already long exceeded critical. In particular, the water level will rise in the main artery of central Thailand, Chao Phraya River, expanding the area of flooding in provinces adjacent to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. According to experts, the excess water from the reservoir will reach Bangkok within eight days after the opening of locks.

Intense flooding continues in the short to Bangkok Ayutthaya province, which is the same name the ancient capital of Thailand. The two-meter layer of water covered the area on Wednesday, several historical monuments XV-XVIII centuries and the nearby Technology Park. Enterprise Park, medium and small companies that produce electronics, including the automotive industry, do not have time to remove its machines and equipment, according to the publication.

Nation also reports that the automobile factory of Honda, located in the province of Ayutthaya, was forced to announce on Thursday to stop production for seven days. The plant, which stands on a hill, is not subject to flooding, though several companies that supply to the plant component parts, are located in the industrial park, and Wednesday were under water.

The same publication reports with reference to the National Office for Buddhism that flood affected more than 16.7 thousand Buddhist monks, one thousand 588 monasteries.

Land Transport Department announced Thursday the work stoppage of bus northbound from Bangkok and other parts of Thailand due to complete flooding of the main highways leading to the north and north-east of the country.

"In areas passing through the province of Ayutthaya and its neighboring, tracks completely impassable to all types of transport," — said in a statement the department.

Train traffic northbound Thai railway was closed last week.

In some provinces north and center of the country airports closed due to flooding of the runway.

Cause catastrophic flooding in Thailand have become abnormal Total seasonal rainfall. In addition, the rainy season started earlier this year than usual. According to experts, the rains with massive negative implications not excluded in Thailand for over 30 years.

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