The ecosystem of the Earth is changing the appearance of the plankton in the Atlantic shows this

The ecosystem of the Earth is changing the appearance of the plankton in the Atlantic Ocean, testifies to this. Photo: HO / AFP / Getty Images

The melting of the glaciers of the Arctic Ocean has allowed Pacific plankton migrate to the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Scientists observing the migration of plankton for 13 years, it is believed that the ecosystem of the planet Earth is undergoing major changes, according to the BBC BBC.

Plankton — this is the main food of gray toothless whales. Naturally, mammals followed plankton — through the Northwest Passage along the northern coast of North America, which was free of ice. One kit per day eating several tons of plankton.

Melting ice in the Arctic Ocean began the global warming of the planet — as many scientists believe. 17 research centers in 10 European countries over 13 years studying the effects of global warming on the oceans. Single project united some 300 local projects, one of them — the study of the migration of plankton.

Scientists came to the conclusion that in the North Atlantic Ocean as many plankton was about 800,000 years old.

Plankton — wandering, in Greek, is a collection of many diverse small organisms. The appearance of such a large number of new organisms in a natural part of the ocean will change the biological media in the region. Since plankton is food for many aquatic animals, inevitably there is a change of species of living organisms, in this case — in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Will struggle for survival, leading to the extinction of some species of the underwater world.

The head of the Royal Netherlands Institute for the Study of the Sea Carlo Hape believes that the migration of plankton associated with climate change, followed by the movement of whales and other species, and would have lead to significant changes in the entire ecosystem of the planet.

British scientist Philip Reed says that the Earth is now there is a change of this magnitude, which occurred two million years ago.

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