The end of the world in 2012-CANCELLED! — Will the world end in 2012? Do you want to know the truth?

This question is puzzled a lot of people, some believer in doomsday in 2012, and takes loans from banks and others will laugh with all this looks. But we will talk about how to end of the world theories can come, but we hasten to shed light on all of this and to clarify some questions and give one last, but very accurate answer to the question: "Will the world end in 2012 year? "

2012 — to be or not? And the answer was so close that it has not been seen:

Scientists say that the Earth is approaching an object: either the mysterious planet Nibiru, or small star, or a ship with aliens.

According to one source, we see that the approaching celestial body has enormous dimensions, and on the other — that is even smaller than Earth.

As for the planet Nibiru, it has been well studied and described. It is known that Nibiru (or, as it is called, Planet X) is "hidden" behind Pluto, has a flame-red, inclination of 30 degrees and the time of its revolution around the Sun is 3600 years old.

Once every 21,600 years is the maximum convergence of the orbits of Earth and Nibiru, and at this time on this planet there was a terrible earthquake, flood, and noticed gravitational perturbations. Last visit Orbits associated with the disappearance of Atlantis. All this is made known to us by the ancient Sumerian civilization.

End of the world in 2012 — will not be! Or how do we know about Nibiru?

Who let the delusion that the end of the world in 2012 will still be? — Biography of the author of the book on the study of Nibiru or the whole truth about the end of the world in 2012:

The author was Zechariah Sitchin (and theory).

This man was born in 1922 in Azerbaijan, in Baku, but spent his childhood in Palestine. Sitchin was educated in London, and then some work in Israel, but later moved to New York, where he lives and writes today.

Zecharia Sitchin wrote "The Twelfth Planet", in which, and told of the existence of Nibiru.
Surprisingly, only managed to decipher Sitchin record on clay tablets found in the excavations Sumerian civilization. In his book, pseudo-historians and is talking about approaching us Nibiru, which will result in closer to an end.

In his book "The Twelfth Planet" Zecharia Sitchin based on a detailed study of the primary sources of religious and archaeological study proves:

At the core of all religions is ancient knowledge of the existence in the cosmos twelfth planet Nibiru. The inhabitants of this planet from time to time visited Earth and laid it on the ancient civilization.

This is not fiction Sitchin himself, this he allegedly told the Sumerian records. Unfortunately, we can not verify the accuracy of these data, because apart from Sitchin record no one could decipher. Remains scientist believe the word?

Of course, his theory has caused a number of jokes, but fiction writers, directors and ordinary people took up the idea, which spread around the world.

End of the World in 2012 — canceled — End of the World will not be!

We will not call the name of the man who once told us:

"And you think that you and the fate of all mankind will provide a chance — to be present at the end of the world, and this with such a history of Planet Earth then you think will become one of …? — It is not, do not even think!"

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