The endless dream incorruptible monk Charbel

The world is full of secrets, mysteries, miracles, the unknown. Sometimes a miracle, the perfect person in life and go unnoticed, but when he dies, are beginning to attribute an incredible opportunity and can even be canonized. That's what happened with the monk, a lifetime achievement that has long since no one will remember, but it known to the world the fact that for many decades his body was not decomposed and mummified. It is imperishable monk Sharbel.

New Year's morning in 1898 in the mountains of Lebanon, at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level, the hermit monks of the monastery of Saints Peter and Paul were sent to a monastery in the town of ƈ This. The narrow, snow-covered mountain path they carried back to bury the 70-year-old monk Charbel.

The last 25 years of his life he spent in a hermit. All the miracles began after his death, though life is also observed unexplained phenomena occurring around the monk. On the second day of New Year's residents ƈ This saw the monastery of Saint Marun (put there body Charbel) glow, like the luminescence. While in the mountains there was no electricity, so the phenomenon, which lasted many months, particularly attracted the attention of many people.

April 15, 1899 police were looking for in the mountains of criminal and murderer. Seeing the glow of the monastery, hastened thither. They demanded to open the vault, thinking that there is hiding a criminal. It was found that in four months spring waters filled the crypt, destroying all the dead bodies of monks buried in the same year, together with Charbel. Only the body of the monk Charbel was not touched by the expansion.

His face and hands enveloped fungal web, like a thin cotton. Clearing its present (seven people) saw the person is not dead, but sleeping man with sweat on his face as ichor (pink liquid). All members of the body were flexible and elastic, not felt putrid smell. Charbel's body dressed in dry clothes and laid in a small room. Inspection of several doctors confirmed his death monk.

Charbel continued to "sweat" ichor, and we had every day to change his clothes. One of the monks, tired of the work, decided to "drier" the body in the sun. Four months drying failed. Doctors suggested to remove the internal organs. Charbel had the surgery, removing all the organs of the abdomen. It also did not help: his body was not decomposed, continued to "sweat" and be flexible and elastic.

Many experts who study this phenomenon, advanced version of the special food monk, Charbel has always shared a meal with his brothers hermit.

In 1909, he was put in a coffin with a glass lid and left for general viewing until 1927. To the tomb of St. Charbel (so christened his people) began a pilgrimage. The Vatican has not recognized the monk as a saint, as it required more evidence. And the monk Sharbel begins each day to work miracles: healing of mentally ill people, lifts his feet paralyzed, returning sight to the blind, hearing — deaf …

A fluid from his body continued to flow out. For 17 years, has not appeared signs of decomposition: normal body odor, light skin, elastic all the members of the body.

In 1927, Saint Charbel placed in a zinc coffin, and he was placed in a timber. The crypt made with
double walls, to go where no water in 1950, it was noticed that the walls of the tomb, and soak them with a gelatinous fluid flowing pink. Once opened the coffins — all the old way: not decompose, "sweats."
Mathematicians have calculated that if the monk Sharbel a day lost at least three grams of liquid, for 66 years, he had to lose 75 pounds, that is, to become a mummy, what happened to him.

In 1977, Rome officially recognized holy monk Charbel.

Of the 95 countries wrote to the monastery patients who are unable to come. They send by mail your photos, locks of hair with a request to put them on the coffin of St.. Charbel and return them to heal. The Museum of St.. Charbel on display at the monastery thousands and thousands of letters from different countries from those who helped St.. Charbel at a distance of thousands of kilometers. Exposed to hundreds and hundreds of crutches, orthopedic shoes, tires, splints — all former patients have left here.

Irina Saqr — a doctor and the wife of the President of the Russian-Lebanese Society of the Holy Land Sacra Dr. Simon, who attended the canonization of St.. Charbel in 1977 as part of the delegation of the Lebanese Maronite Christians, comrade, brought with her in 1991 in the monastery to St.. Charbel group of volunteers for making the experiment on the impact of bio saint on their bio. The control unit was made "Bion-1." The whole group after contact with St. Charbel, writes Irina Saqr, noted good, happy mood, "spilled" calm.

Some of them have stepped up their weak energy, others who do not need it, remained at the same level, taking away from a good mood, others like to have given an extra supply of its energy, which is a burden to them.

After the experiment, the chief abbot of Tom's father invited all the participants to share a modest monastic meal. The monks asked how long there will be a binding energy. Charbel? Although they understood that this power is given St.. Charbel God, they were interested in the scientific explanation of the phenomenon. Many of the monks there have a college education for their shoulders candidate and doctoral dissertations on philosophy, religion, literature, psychology, and history.

Remembering extended to her and her volunteers welcome Irina Sakr writes: "We sat and talked, without trying to explain the phenomenon of communication. Charbel scientifically. But I remembered the doctor Karagullu Shafiq, who works at the University of California, studying extrasensory perception in humans. She conducted an experiment, asking a female psychic recharge your energy every day for 15 minutes for 15 days, a piece of meat.

This piece of meat, charged passes psychic for 30 years is on the box and do not decompose. Hence, the concentration of energy wraps around the biological object, which prevents its degradation. "



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