The extreme fire danger is declared in parts of Kuzbass

Highest grade burning, which means extreme fire danger is declared in the four districts of Kuzbass due to prolonged drought, told RIA Novosti the regional Emergencies Ministry.

In the Kuzbass, according to hydrometeorology, this summer, the age-old record broken by the lack of rainfall. The level of the rivers in some forest-steppe zones of low. The water level in the wells and wells are also dramatically decreases rapidly. In some parts of the power supply and rescuers began drinking and process water for irrigation.

"In some areas, the fifth grade we burn — in Yurga, Promishlennaya, Prokopyevsk and Leninsk-Kuznetsk areas. Previously, it was on average in two areas (where declared the fifth grade we burn), but just to say about it now is difficult. We specifically do not track it," — said rescuer.

In the rest of the region declared a fourth class inflammability. Experts predict that the temperature in the area for three days will be held at around 30-35 degrees Celsius.

Overall, in the four areas where the highest class declared burning, live more 133 thousand people.

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