The first days of July, in the heart of Russia will be rainy — Weather Center

Showers and thunderstorms are expected in the center of the European part of Russia in the first half of the week, the weekend weather is stable, but there may be intermittent rain, said the meteorologist Russia.

According to forecasters, Atlantic cyclone involves in the north-western half of the center of European Russia humid subtropical air, rain is expected with thunderstorms and gusty winds. The maximum day temperature in the area early in the week will be 22-28 degrees Celsius on Wednesday in most parts of the CFD is expected plus 23-29 degrees, in the Tver region — not higher than 19-24 degrees.

"On Thursday the weather will gradually stabilize — this will determine the anticyclone, which will be released on Scandinavia, and will continue to move slowly to the east. Rains will become noticeably less sunny take place in only a few areas, the air becomes drier, more sun will shine and the day warmed air well: afternoon thermometers will show from 19-24 degrees to the north-east of the Central Federal District of 25-30 degrees to the south-west, "- said the meteorologist.

On Friday, the north-easterly winds will bring to the region the cool air mass and the temperature returns to the beginning of the week, falling to 22-28 degrees Celsius.

"Over the weekend, according to preliminary estimates, while keeping the north-easterly winds will still be a tendency to a slight decrease in temperature. Its most probable values: the night of 12-18 C at night, 21-27 degrees, which is close to normal" — note meteorologists.

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