The Greek community of St. Petersburg will pay recreate the Greek Church at the Concert Hall October

Greek church built in 1862 with money the Greek Orthodox community, architect RI Kuzmin. It has become an architectural dominant Greek area — as the Kazan Cathedral, Aleksandrinsky theater Nevsky Prospect. Greek church — a copy of the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Lev Gumilev about the church Demetrios wrote: "It was a one of the world's best examples of Byzantine architecture."

She survived the war. Miraculously survived — ranked in the temple bomb did not explode. Therefore, in 1962 the church was blown up to build a concert hall "October" for the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.


Commission of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg on Education, Culture and Science approved the re-creation of the Greek Church Ligovsky. The decision is a recommendation. MP Anastasia Melnikova — the initiator of the project and is willing to personally beg business to adjust construction plans. "In no way do not destroy, does not remove — the business center is very necessary. Just a huge request for such a good cause to make some sacrifices, "said Anastasia Melnikova.

The Greek community of St. Petersburg agrees to assume the costs for the construction of the church. Business center is available to transfer to a neighboring site at the Concert Hall "October".

Investors are victims of yet no plans to bring in, and they want to finish construction on the site of the former Concert Hall box office by the end of 2013. Vice president of the construction company Lyudmila Teor does not guarantee that the construction was stopped. Teor considers that the request for transfer of the complex "sounds absurd."

Sympathy in this story cause the Greeks. Recreate the temple near the concert hall community has promised Valentina Matviyenko as governor of St. Petersburg.

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