The group Cherkizovo completed a major project to increase the capacity in the segment of pig

The group "Cherkizovo" has completed the construction of three pig farms located in Voronezh, Lipetsk and Tambov regions. Total production complexes — 37,500 tonnes of live weight per year.  

Construction of pig farms began in 2010, and in 2011 had already been launched the first line of loudspeakers, rearing and feeding grounds. The total investment in this project exceeded $ 4 billion.

Construction of the complex was carried out in strict accordance with the European standards using high quality materials. On pig farms committed to the highest level of veterinary and biosecurity.

All pig farms are integrated modules for 4800 sows, each consisting of several stand-alone sites for breeding, rearing and fattening, equipped with the most modern equipment Big Dutchman. Full capacity for each set of 12 500 tonnes of live weight per year.

The hotel is not new pig farms in relation to existing pig breeding and processing facilities of the Group "Cherkizovo" in Tambov and Penza regions and the acquisition in 2012 of Breeding Center in the Voronezh region, the launch of pig creates significant synergies. Its own feed plant in the Lipetsk region provides high-quality pig feed.

"Exit pig at full capacity — a very important event for our company, — said General Director of" Cherkizovo "Sergei Mikhailov. — We have started to develop from scratch segment pig production in 2006, and now total production capacity of this trend than 180,000 tonnes of live weight per year, and the number of pigs this year will exceed 1.5 million birds. Because of the difficult situation in the industry caused by the outbreak of ASF and Russian accession to the WTO, now can be competitive only large agro-industrial complexes, with businesses built on advanced technologies.

Group "Cherkizovo" has chosen the strategy of development of its pork construction of new modern complexes, as they fully meet the international technology and veterinary standards and are the most effective in terms of product quality and financial results. With the launch of three pig Group "Cherkizovo" was not only able to strengthen its position in the market, but also make a significant contribution to the implementation of the food security program of Russia. "

About the Group "Cherkizovo"

Group OJSC "Cherkizovo» (LSE: CHE) — Russia's largest producer of meat products. Group among the top three markets for poultry, pork, processed meat, and the country's largest producer of animal feed.

The structure of the Group "Cherkizovo" includes 7 full cycle poultry farms with a total capacity of 400 thousand tons in live weight, 14 modern pig farms with a total capacity of 180 thousand tons of live weight per year, 6 meat processing plants with total capacity of 190 thousand tons per year and 6 feed mills with a total capacity of about 1.4 million tons per year, grain output of more than 500 thousand tons of storage and more than 100 thousand hectares of agricultural land. In 2012, the Group "Cherkizovo" plans to produce more than half a million tons of meat products. Thanks to a vertically integrated structure, including the cultivation of grain, elevators storage, own production of animal feed, breeding, rearing and slaughter of animals and meat processing, and its own distribution network, the Group "Cherkizovo" demonstrates the long-term sustainable growth in sales and profits. Consolidated revenues for US GAAP in 2011 grew by 24% and amounted to 1 billion 479 million USD, net profit — 147 800 000 U.S. $

Only in the last 5 years, the group "Cherkizovo" invested in the development of the domestic agricultural sector more than $ 1 billion. In addition to existing manufacturing sites, the company is building a high-tech agro industrial complex in Yelets (Lipetsk region). Worth about 20 billion rubles.

The Group's strategy "Cherkizovo" includes both organic growth and the creation of new industries and asset consolidation in the meat market. Group Shares "Cherkizovo" traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and MICEX / RTS.

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