The group of companies Vympel has built a kindergarten in Moscow

On the basis of the subcontract, LLC "Vympelpromstroy" (part of the group of companies "Vympel") has completed the construction of pre-school educational institutions in the SEAD Moscow.

State customer is the Department of urban construction order of capital construction in Moscow. Construction Customer: JSC 'Terra Auri. " General contractor: LLC "CS-212".

The three-storey building with a total area of kindergarten 2,530 square meters, designed for groups of 5 (95 seats), a swimming pool, an auditorium and a gym, a games room, a medical unit.

According to the CEO of subcontractor LLC "Vympelpromstroy" Alexander Zaharikova, "completed all construction and assembly, finishing, installation of low voltage systems, and landscaping. Currently, a permit for the facility to use. In parallel with the transmission equipment, furniture, inventory, and the building itself to the balance of the Southeast District Board of Education Department of Education of the City of Moscow. "


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