The heat in Japan this week 16 people died

Sixteen people were killed, more than 8,000 were hospitalized because of the heat in Japan from 23 to 29 July, said on Tuesday the Fire Department at the Ministry of the national affairs of Japan.

According to meteorologists, in most parts of the country the temperature exceeded 30 degrees in some regions of the thermometer reached 35-degree mark. The highest temperature — plus 37 was recorded in Gunma Prefecture, Kyoto and Hyogo.

Among the 163 people hospitalized in serious condition, they require prolonged hospitalization. About half of the victims — people of retirement age of 65. As noted by the media, the elderly prefer not to include air-conditioning, for fear of catching cold, or for reasons of economy.

Heatwave is in Japan on July 9. Over the previous two weeks — from 9 to 22 July — in Japan from heat stroke or heart problems died 18 people were admitted to hospital more than 7000.

In the coming days, easing the heat should not wait. Meteorologists warn of heat stroke and dehydration, it is recommended not to stay long in the sun, wear hats and drink water saturated with mineral salts.

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