«The major sects undermine institutions inside» (Le Point, France)

What to expect from modern mystifies and prophecies about the end of the world? Georges Fenech talks about his fight against sects.

For four years he worked "in the fields." Flew by helicopter Mount Bugarash (Aude department) in search of hoppers "end of the world", was investigating the case DuPont de Ligonnesa (Dupont de Ligonnes) in Nantes, defended the international arena resolute policy of France to fight obscurantism … retiring this summer from his post as head of the Interdepartmental mission of vigilance and anti-sectarian deviations (Miviludes), Georges Frenek (Georges Fenech) brings disturbing, but very important outcome of several years of struggle for the protection of individual liberty in the book "The Apocalypse, an imminent threat?" (published by «Calmann-Lévy» ).

Le Point.fr: Your book is called "The Apocalypse, an imminent threat?" How do you answer this question?

Georges Frenek:
The idea of the end of the world did not appear yesterday. It is part of all monotheistic religions. About the end of the world are mentioned in the holy books of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, although, unlike the sectarian works, there are no dates. That is dangerous not the Apocalypse itself, — for each, after all, is free to believe in anything — and apocalyptic message, which, as we know, can lead to such bloody consequences, such as the mass suicide of the Order of the Temple of the Sun , which resulted in 1995 killed 74 people. Need to maintain heightened vigilance against all sectarian associations and, in particular, to watch over the mountain in the department of Aude Bugarash, which now attracts gurus from around the world, convinced that mountain Corbières protect them from would-expected December 21 disaster.

How, in practice, such deviations can be prevented?

Miviludes mission as often as possible goes to the place to help associations and engage in dialogue with the local authorities. By the way, with the prevalence of Internet sites devoted to the Apocalypse (currently more than 3000!), We also have to monitor any deviations on the Web. And to intervene if there is sufficient evidence. As in 2011 in Vienne, where two French made a will under the influence of a guru who manipulated them from Quebec, over the Internet.

Is the Apocalypse to justify some deviations?

Sure. The purpose of these movements that exploit predictions about the end of the world — this is primarily a set of new supporters and getting benefits. After the fall of the Roman Empire was at least 183 advertisements of doom! And every time it made a real business. Today, it is not considered of books, films, bunkers, seminars and training courses for those who want to survive this. This is a true ninth wave.

How are sects in our society?

It is difficult to say, because we do not have a legal definition of the word "sect". Incidentally, this also applies to religion. In the rule of law, while various faiths respect the law, they have a right to exist. The fact that we are able to identify — it's sectarian deviations. They are determined by a set of criteria of exorbitant financial demands to suppress the mind, as they include all forms of anti-social speech. Conducted last year, an opinion poll showed that in France, the sect is not inferior to their positions, on the contrary. 20% of the French are in their environment for at least one victim of the sect, it turns out that this affects 13 million French!

How do you explain this trend?

It's all pretty simple. Today we are experiencing a real crisis of identity. French lose confidence. They no longer believe in any political or economic system, of any health care system, and are looking for an alternative. Disappointed in their field, they are more vulnerable, they are easier to manipulate. In this way, the problem with New Age, which includes so many movements and trends, the line between them and the sect sometimes transparent. I also have in mind, and naturopathy, which advocates self-medication, as well as shamanism and any energy techniques such as Reiki (Reiki) or kinesiology. All these practices return to nature and harmony ecosystems can be an excuse to attract supporters.

This week in Bordeaux began the process of "hermits of Monflanquin." The suppression of the reason may be due to sectarian deviation?

Tiyi Thierry (Thierry Tilly) is accused of manipulating the mind of eleven members of the same family from Bordeaux. In this regard, it may be the real guru. In this case, there is remarkable for the length and scale of fraud, and it is a striking illustration of the fact that there is, this happens not only with others, as we sometimes think. It's an incredible descent into hell shows what can one man to crush the mind of the whole family. Mission Miviludes repeatedly intervened in the case, in particular, in order to prevent people who manipulated, move to action.

You also mentioned the case of Dupont de Ligonnesa. In your opinion, should study very carefully trail leading to the strange prayer group that predicts the Apocalypse …

In any case, do not rule out this hypothesis. About Xavier Dupont de Ligonnese (Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes) all speak as an exemplary father of the family in every way. However, we should not forget that the investigation has found out about his childhood. His mother, Genevieve Dupont de Ligonnes (Genevieve Dupont de Ligonnes), was the founder of the prayer group called "Philadelphia" in which strange rituals were practiced, with references to Satan and the "Judeo-Masonic conspiracy." Three times, in 1962, 1995 and 1999, a mysterious Genevieve, receive messages from the dead, predict the Apocalypse and leads all members of their group in the refuge in Brittany. And in an email to Xavier de Ligonnesa truly apocalyptic messages were found written in an alarming manner. And although there are no elements that point to a direct link between the letters and the murder of Nantes, never allowed to ask questions.

What new tools use large sect in pursuit of power?

This crusade, where all good. They are being implemented in all institutions, not only in the economic sphere, but also in the political, as well as in health care. All who fight against sects, at least once received threats. I myself paid for it in 2008, when the Constitutional Council annulled the election of a deputy from my department Ron. Then I learned that the speaker on the issue was a major advocate spouse sectarian organizations. Whether there was a conflict of interest? I still ask myself this question.

Internet, I think it is also an excellent means of introducing …

Yes, it is, all the major sects now have a computer service that is engaged in sending comments on websites and blogs, and spread their messages online. Here you need to be especially vigilant and closely monitor the activities of those services.

You particularly emphasizes the role of the United States, because in America actually originated most of the major international sects, but in this country do not take measures to control the spread of apocalyptic movements, as we have. Should the fear of differences in policy?

These differences, mainly cultural. U.S. sect put on a par with religions. And then, the meaning of the secular government in the country where the president takes an oath on the Bible? The numbers speak for themselves: according to a recent survey, 41% of Americans believe in the return of Christ, and 58% take the Apocalypse seriously. 'Preppers"(" Prepared ") and" survivalist "have captivated the entire country. To meet their needs has emerged an entire industry. For 135 euros you can buy everything you need to survive 4 people within 72 hours, with a special set 2012: energy bars, candles, ponchos … Tolerance USA with respect to such events have always wondered, and in the annual report of the Office of the U.S. freedom of religion on us constantly pointed finger, exposing the systematic persecution of our sects. This, of course, creates diplomatic friction, and one of the tasks of Miviludes — try to soften. That do not always like the Americans.

Your book, it seems, was also a kind of psychological discharge. Why are you so many years working on such issues?

During all those years that I have been on different sects posts — magistrate, head of the parliamentary commission to investigate the influence of sects to minors, or, more recently, the head of Miviludes, I felt it necessary to draw any conclusions. Of all the examples we remember the main thing — the constant struggle with the threat to individual freedoms, a lot of suffering, tragedy, which, undoubtedly, would have been avoided. And, of course, the daily work of our teams on the ground, pledge eternal vigilance.

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