The majority of Ukrainians do not believe in the end of the world

Every third Ukrainian believes in doomsday, but most believe the date 21.12.12 ordinary day. The majority of these villagers and representatives of Western Ukraine.
This is evidenced by the results of a public opinion poll conducted by «Research & Branding Group».

In particular, in principle, believe in the possibility of the end of the world 34% of respondents do not believe it — 58%, 8% did not answer this question. Among those who believe in the "end of the world", the Ukrainians middle-aged (30-39 years old) make up 35-37%, young people — 33% for those over 50 years old — 32%.

In addition, 40% of believers in the "end of the world" are in villages, 35% — residents of regional centers, 29% — residents of other cities. Most of those who believe in the end of the world population of the western regions of the country (45%), residents of the Center — 36%, South-East — 27%.

Also, the survey showed that 65% of Ukrainians have never thought about the possibility of "end of the world", think about it — 32%. And women wonder about this question more often than men (35% and 29%, respectively).

The survey was conducted from 14 to 25 September 2012 using personal interviews in 24 regions of Ukraine, Crimea, Kyiv and Sevastopol. Respondents were selected by quota sample representing the adult population by place of residence (region), gender and age. The sample consists of 3114 people. The expected average sampling error is ± 2%.


I think that with the advent of December that number significantly grown …


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