The mandate of the Council of the EU negotiations on visa does not mean free visas for Belarusians


The EU Council has allowed the European Commission to start negotiations with Belarus on the facilitation of the visa regime. The result could be the signing of agreements on visa facilitation and readmission agreements.

On the last day of February, "the representatives of the 27 countries — EU members unanimously supported the decision to allow the European Commission to start negotiations on this issue, as it deems appropriate and conducive situation, "- said the agency BelaPAN citing the press service of the Council of the European Union.

According to the press secretary Jochen Mueller, "The decision is a sign for the people of Belarus that we do not treat it the same way as for Alexander Lukashenko and several other representatives of the Belarusian state."

The decision of the European Council, MFA does not comment.

Head of the Office for a Democratic Belarus in Brussels Olga Stuzhinskaya explained in an interview with Radio Liberty that "the mandate of the European Council to open negotiations on visa facilitation (facilitation)" — a response to the proposals, which were sent to the European Commission in November 2010

"The mandate for visa facilitation does not mean the mandate to lift the visa regime or cancellation of visa fees at all," — emphasizes Olga Stuzhinskaya. — "Visa fasilitatsyya — is reducing the cost of visas to 35 euros and simplification of visa issuance."

Free national visas for Belarus already entered Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Germany. But the cost of Schengen visas for Belarusians still 60 euros.

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