The Mayan calendar, Nibiru, solar storm, the parade of planets, axis shift of the Earth — NASA answers to common misconceptions …

Thus, it is assumed that this monstrous planet approaching Earth, but if that were the case, then we are already a long time ago would have noticed if it had somehow suddenly became invisible, then we would have found it on the impact on neighboring planet. None of the thousands of astronomers, who day in and day carefully explore the night sky, did not see her.

In addition, there are people who believe that NASA astronomers knowingly conceal such information in order to avoid large-scale panic of the population.

Can you imagine that thousands of astronomers observing the night sky, kept the same secret for a few years?

Some people believe that we should be afraid of solar storms, which should happen December 21, 2012.

Yes, solar storms do occur. Solar activity varies in cycles of maximum solar activity observed time in eleven years.

The next burst of solar activity, when can we expect it to increase, in fact, will occur in May 2013.

Presumably, this will be quite harmless maximum of solar activity, and there is no evidence that solar storms can be expected.

And still — relatively parade of planets. For example, there is a parade of planets. Sun, Earth and other planets in the solar system are arranged in a line, and it is expected that this will lead to the emergence of tidal phenomena on Earth, which can, in turn, lead to disaster.

First, in December 2012, no parade of planets, but even if such a parade of planets at that time is, tidal effects on the Earth would be their effect.

There are only two celestial bodies in the solar system, which can cause tides on Earth is the Moon, which is too close to the Earth and the Sun, which has sufficient weight and is also located very close to the Earth.

However, the influence of other planets to Earth is negligible. One of the myths regarding December 21, 2012 is that the axis of the Earth can be displaced. The axis of rotation can not be displaced due to the rotation of the Moon around the Earth, which stabilizes the axle and does not allow it to shift.

The magnetic field can periodically undergo displacement, but the last time this happened was 740,000 years ago. This offset does not apply to the above kind of offsets, as an offset, which happens about once every half a million years or something like that.

In addition, there is no evidence that such a shift is going to happen in December, but even if such a shift might occur, it will take thousands of years. And even in that case, if such a shift actually happened, it would not lead to big problems in the world — except that we would have to re-calibrate our compasses.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Since time immemorial, mankind has learned to fix when the time (that is to create calendars), there are hundreds of thousands of predictions of doom, and we still live.

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