The murder of stray dogs at the Kiev station will not go unpunished

The murder of homeless dogs in Kiev will not go unpunished

In the case of killing of stray dogs in the custody of the Kiev railway station in December and January 2011. now running the investigation team.

The case is under control gen.prokuratury and Moscow interregional transport prosecutor's office.

Replaced by two investigator.

Presentation was made to eliminate the violations of federal law committed during the initial inquiry.

The first investigator who worked on the case were disciplined.

Initiative group had written a letter to the leader of LDPR — Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

They were made parliamentary inquiry to the prosecutor of Moscow.

Zoozaschitniki to keep strict control of the investigation.

Those wishing to help can contact the action group with a representative on the proposed phone


8 — 906 — 7174147

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