The origin of the Moon: Who built the village?

Normal people in their growing up just have the full moon reflect on the meaning of life, on the problem of reproduction, etc. Usually it ends with talk on "where babies come from" and, again, with the full moon. However, some deviation from the establishment of thousands of years of ritual still available. Some view the full moon feat on an unexpected question — where did the moon itself?

Answer "She was always there" did not like it. Those who believe in the wisdom of our ancestors, remember the ancient legend about the "Dolunnyh times", that "the Moon has come to us." Those who trust only pure science, yes— yes, indeed, the moon must be younger than the Earth, they could not have formed together! No theory can not explain how could occur along two roughly equal space of the body together. Earth and Moon are really about, more concerning are the same, all other planetary systems much more sharply different masses of the central planet and its satellite dish.

In short, the moon — alien element in our sky. From? Hypotheses from "serious" to "not very much" — raised a lot. We remember only the basic.

MOON — fragments crashed into planets. According to some scientists, some 4.5 billion years ago, our still young Earth survived a monstrous collision with an object, surpassing the mass of the planet Mars. The blow to his power was so terrible, that the iron core of the body was crashed to the earth's center. According to the hypothesis, the majority of alien substances like kayaked with terrestrial rocks, but some of it has been thrown into space in the form of hot gas and debris. Over time, gas cooled and condensed into dust particles, to form together with other fragments and debris rotating disk in the center of which is the Earth. Eventually, under the influence of the gravitational field and a long process of the disk material and formed the Moon.

For several years, experts from the University of Colorado under the direction of Robin KENAPA tried to simulate the cosmic cataclysm on the computer. However, at the final stage they do that begin to circle around the Earth more than one moon, and a swarm of moon-babes. Now, significantly complicating his model and clarifying the description of the processes taking place, scientists were able to achieve, that the Earth is formed only one natural satellite. According to Professor California Institute of Technology David Stevenson, acting as an independent expert, this success was an important step in understanding how the Moon was formed. Kenap colleagues built 27 models, vosproizvidivshih evolution consisted of a different number — from 1000 to 2700 the debris disk. The wreckage had across from 60 to 700 kilometers. The researchers tracked the orbits of all the debris, determining whether they will be in collisions "stick together" and form the only satellite of the planet. Account on the computer last as long as were one or two satellites. In most cases, in the end there was a one moon. In several cases, there are two satellites, but one of them is closer to the Earth's surface and in time, apparently, was to fall on her. But scientists did not have enough computer time to wait for this. [ITAR-TASS, September 25, 1997].

For computer modeling, the journal "Neychur," revealed that the Moon could have formed from debris thrown in just one year. In fact, this is not surprising, since, according to Kenapa, debris made one orbit around the planet in just 7-8 hours, that is, moving at high speed. Scientists estimate that the formation of the moon took from 15 to 40 percent of the ejected material (the rest fell back to Earth), and collide with the Earth extraterrestrial in mass could exceed the Mars 3 times. However, the last point in the work is not yet delivered. Scientists have to deal with yet another snag. Until they do that after the terrible attack Earth rotates 2 times faster than it could be …

MOON — Earth's core. And put forward a hypothesis that natural satellite though formed by impact with another cosmic body, but in reality the body is always remained within our planet. But at the same time knocked it inside the old core of the Earth, which is the mass of cooled and formed Selena. Beautiful hypothesis explains a lot, in particular — the chemical composition of the lunar soil. Experts even found a place to hit on the planet — the North Pole. A strike on Earth may have a large or a small comet Pribluda planet, for example, a hypothetical pre-existing Phaeton …

However, this version can not explain why the core ejected from falling back to his native land, and came almost to a circular orbit around the Earth. Any space ballistics confirms that the usual uncontrollable cosmic body to make such a maneuver can not, and the earth has to control the ship to enter the circular orbits of doing some of the control pulses for its engines. Where does the natural body engines? ..

MOON — Written off the ship. Is the moon — a natural formation? Today, the answer to this question is clearly some experts have not been addressed. American scholar George Leonard said that, once the moon is an intermediate fuel and raw materials for all aliens. Centuries ago, this database crashed, for example, faced with the head of the comet and the moon after the tragedy needed repairs. For this all-powerful aliens, and translated it into orbit. Now restored buildings, machines and systems for the lunar surface. Do they hide their activities from the people? Most likely, yes. If you carefully read the Bible, we can see that in ancient times there were frequent visits to our planet kosmitami. But then they did it openly, without fear of exposure by people with primitive thinking. As soon as we progressed, they began to distance themselves, watching us from a distance, and can be, sometimes, interfere in our affairs on your own. After landing on the Moon people to hide their activities kosmitam becomes harder and harder, but, according to Leonardo, the true surface of the moon at the time was disguised with dust, pebbles, gravel and artificial craters.

MOON — obelisks or monuments. Attention is drawn to some amazing coincidences related to the moon. First, it flies in the orbit, which she could not get out on their own (only a hypothesis with spray lightly tries to refute this claim.) Secondly, the moon is at such a distance that its angular size corresponds exactly to the angular size of the Sun. Could such a coincidence happen by chance? We just do not know of any such example, but the coincidence, you see, amazing!

What if the moon — after a natural celestial body, artificially hoisted on a strictly fixed earth orbit? Tow a small planetoid (the same "missing" Phaeton) for powerful CC piece of cake. Why bother? So much effort can be explained such that the aliens could not be sure that will long stay with the rising generation of human civilization, and so they could think about where they would let us have the right "note." On Earth? Floods and winds of thousands of years will erase from the face of the earth any pointer. Yes, and we'll find it at the right time, when the "grow up" as a civilization? Moon in this sense, the ideal storage: even a trace remains on the surface of the shoe a million years, not to mention any knowledge repository. And the moon is visible from everywhere, attracts attention by its uniqueness, and to get to the right place this repository of human knowledge can not immediately, but only after a certain stage of its technological development. Perfect memorial, designed for thousands of years!

MOON — a living being. Perhaps, it is — the most unusual hypothesis. However, a recent series of the assumption that the Earth — it is self-regulating living or pseudo-living organism that does not exclude the possibility that this "body" may be fellow travelers (or fellow traveler?) Another "living organism." Needless to rejoice and hope for an early contact with the moon should not be reasonable. We, the small creatures, it is difficult to understand "them," even though "they" may have a cosmic scale pot-bellied little thing too — as compared, for example, with a lively nebula or galaxy …

What is the hypothesis of the origin of the moon you more attractive? Before a comprehensive research on the lunar surface directly answer this question, we have more time to think and choose.

Lose a moon face his mysterious charm when scientists finally unravel its origins? Do not know what will happen next, but now, in anticipation of this very disc clue Moon looks especially taistvenno. Lovers of all countries, capture the moment! ..

Vadim Chernobrov

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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