The rally ended with riot

May 6, 2012 in Moscow had to pass an opposition rally on Bolotnaya Square. He agreed with the government of the capital. And by half-past seven in the evening he had to end. but because of the inconsistency of the opposition leaders peaceful march turned into a fight with the police.

It was finally arrested hundreds of protesters and injured several soldiers of the Moscow OMON. None of this would have happened if instead of some opposition leaders do not rally staged a sit-in at the cinema "Drummer". This move cost the organizers more than half of the protesters, who simply went home. And when the time agreed with the authorities came out, some opposition leaders began to call his supporters not to disperse and break up a tent city on Manezh Square.

To the day to prevent the inauguration of the elected president. After calling on the authorities to disperse part of the demonstrators attempted to break through the Red Square. But riot police quickly stopped the attempt. After that the forceful dispersal of protesters, during which they arrested some opposition leaders, responsible for the unrest. Love football?

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