The Rothschilds and the oligarchs withdrew their money from the United States in anticipation of a default on a sharp buck

The Rothschilds and the oligarchs withdrew their money from the United States in anticipation of a sharp default on dollarMillionaires "middling" (those who, despite the relatively huge personal fortunes, still do not solve the really tough questions) in a frisky pace leaving the once so sweet their heart the United States and settled abroad — mainly in Latin America.

This naturally caused concern — but the owners of large estates were sitting firmly in place, and this inspired some optimism that of Pindos, who had a brain in his head and was able to look at the facts, not on telekartinku CNN and the chatter of politicians.

But now the worst has happened to the United States — the country pushed the hyper-rich, to discharge that can each day to write out a check for the mistress of a million bucks — and not go broke until his death. That there is these are the people that they rule the world economy, know the secret springs and intentions, almost — they know the future. This knowledge leads them to blame the United States, "has not yet begun."

Of course, you want specifics? Its there is I have.

South American super-oligarchs non-Jewish origin now acquire land and properties in Chile and Argentina. Jauntily as buying, it can be said — in bulk. Among them (reliably) Rockefeller, Ted Turner, Holdren, Fords and others.

To be able to grasp the scale of U.S. billionaires buying land in Chile and Argentina, rather say "Rockefeller" and Ted Turner have already purchased about 2 million acres — or 8,094 square meters. km (for comparison: the entire area of 1081 square meters in Moscow. kilometers). If it does not reach — use another comparison: the area of their acquired lands make up one fifth area of Belgium.

These lands do not anyhow what wastelands and mountains, green pastures and land. At the same time the purchase is made through a layer of local Chilean-Argentine "environmentalists" — of course, sponsored funds "Rockefeller-Turner-Ford and Co.".
What a drama of fate — the richest Anglo-Saxons from the U.S. run specifically to where at one time escaped from Nazi retribution offenders.

You may think — it's just a coincidence? You do not.

There is information that the last few months, the rich Jews of Israel in tangible amounts are moving to Europe. That in general is understandable — it is assumed that they understand the future of the collapse of the U.S.. U.S. lost its support — and Israel's position immediately becomes very unflattering.

It's all happening against the background of the fact that the Rothschilds more than a year back transferred its main assets in Asia. This is a "company Zero", which focuses on unexpected U.S. default on municipal buck, zeroing accounts (both virtual "wealth", and so the same virtual debts), and reassessment of values in ounces of gold.

In the global game, this group is a "Chinese party" by naikrupneyshy global bank HSBC, but not only. Fingruppa Rothschild puts more control in the exchange rates, global generous supplies of metals, precious stones, pyramid schemes, and "emergency liquidity" in the form of drugs — but for all that they understand the "lie of unlimited and unsecured lending rate", and willing to end it.

Another warning bell about world configurations — it's recent "deal of the century" (as it evaluates a number of sources) on the exchange of shares between the "Rothschilds" BP and "Rosneft". BP has officially changed its 5% equity stake of 9.5% of "Rosneft", with all this, the contribution of each party valued at 7.8 billion dollars.

It is understood that oil and the purity of transactions — disparate concepts. Here and there there is the view that the Rothschilds decided to merge part of the incident over-valued BP in exchange for even more noteworthy proven supplies of oil belonging to "Rosneft".

But the last switch "global reset" (to which the U.S. is converted from a superpower in the dustbin of the world), in the views of the more advanced professional, is triggered by the change of the Gulf Stream.

In the Gulf of Mexico, the first phase has already been implemented BP, the second phase is likely to be made on the cool branch of the Gulf Stream in Greenland (where "oil" to open an oil company controlled by the Rothschilds Sairn Energy).

Slowing down the Gulf Stream would mean cold snap in Europe and the U.S. — respectively dramatically increase the need for Western countries to energoelementah in oil and gas. A oil and gas are in the hands of large groups of cash — and they will be skimmed from the situation. And, with such leverage, they can quietly finish Bucks, reset "virtual money" and start playing like "a spotless sheet" — despite the fact that the rules will establish themselves, and all the cards already have them.

Such difficulties are required to declare a default as "the world's reserve currency" (that there is U.S. dollar) a formal statement of Fed is very unsafe. Higher financial oligarchy immediately will lose legitimacy around the world, and their representatives in the U.S. will just hang on the lights.

The organization is a global military conflict (the United States twice solve their prepyadstviya in the 20th century) in the presence of nuclear weapons in a huge number of states is fraught with mutual liquidation of all.

But global environmental tragedy that has occurred seems to be alone for themselves (and which has long been preparing suckers movies produced in Hollywood) — the decision is actually perfect.

Of course, in the U.S. and Europe will start to happen what the hell. People will rebel, will come to power pro-fascist-leaning government, which fasten all screws, each pen ID chip under the skin and establish full control of police stations, disgruntled kill, etc.. Coffins and concentration camps in the United States are already cooked, Europe tightened along the way — she has a lot of experience.

And after all this, the new world will come from Asia and Latin America are the same Rockefellers and the Rothschilds — but as a "savior" and "majestic organizers the best of life." And the system of pumping out juice and sweatshops on the latest launch.

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