The RUSELT renewed the UPS Source

The "RUSELT" has launched an upgraded series of uninterruptible power supply "Source" series IDP-3M capacity from 10 to 300kVA. "Source" IDP-3M — is 3-phase UPS for server hardware, server rooms, data centers, industrial and other important facilities.

The area of application of the UPS: 

Istok IDP-3M — a 3xphase UPS for the ServerOn Equipment, server roomsdata centers, industrial and other important facilities.

Advanced technical characteristics of the UPS IDP-3M include:

DSP processor monitors the IGBT Inverteraboutp, which provides a high input power factor close to 1 (? 0.99) and total harmonic distortion input current (THDi) less than 3%, thus avoiding damage to sensitive nagruzki.Koeffitsient input power — 0.99 maximizes the active power that leads to a decrease in payments for electricity, reduces cable size, the number of control panels, rated fuses and power generator to reduce the invested resources. TDH-THD — less than 3% to avoid damage to sensitive loads. Bipolar transistor with insulated gate (IGBT) provides the power coming out of the highest quality, in comparison with conventional thyristor technology provides a clean signal output voltage to protect the connected equipment.

Enhanced Battery Management:

Series IDP-3M ensures longer battery life and maximize its performance and reliability through intelligent, precision charging. The temperature sensors monitor the internal and external battery status changes, and accordingly, the charging current is adjusted. UPS automatically adjusts the charging parameters and displays their status on the LCD display. Advanced battery management informed on the status of the battery and reserve their work at this point in time, displaying the information on the LCD display. Batteries can be tested using an uninterruptible power supply at a convenient time for the user without having to turn off the system. Testing can be performed either automatically or manually. Series IDP-3M allows replacement of the batteries without shutting down the unit. With improved management of battery, you can be sure that the batteries are working at peak performance and long life and are always ready to carry out their functions in an emergency to protect your system's power supply.


  • Automatic and manual battery test;
  • The exact determination of the time of the reservation;
  • Temperature control;
  • Low ripple current and voltage;
  • The high accuracy of the cycle;
  • Full and rapid testing of batteries;
  • Protection against total discharge;
  • Reports on the use of batteries;
  • Reports on the state of the battery temperature;
  • Allows you to replace the battery without turning off the UPS. 

EPO (Emergency Power Off) 

EPO function to shut down the UPS istoyanika emergency (fire, flood, etc.). The system disconnects the rectifier, inverter, and stops the power supply without delay (including the inverter and the bypass), and thus the battery stops charging or discharging. If the means of power supply are present, controls the UPS will remain active, but the output will be switched off. To completely disconnect the UPS, you must use an external power switch.

Digital control system for uninterruptible power supply series IDP-3M: 

Digital control system enhances the integration and reduces system cost. Immunity to program and consolidation of the software — the best qualities of this new approach. UPS ensures continuous operation and protects the load in an emergency, due to complex control algorithms of the controller with high accuracy. All control functions for UPS Series IDP-3M, which include the following: launch control, the control of the input power factor control charging and battery temperature, the output stage of the AC voltage regulation and control of the off — are performed using a single digital controller. Digital Control (DSP) — gives an opportunity to make a fast dynamic response for non-linear loads and high power factor at different loads.

Static and Manual (Maintenance) Bypass:

Series IDP-3M standard applies static and manual bypass:

  • SSM provides a safe mode in the event of a failure of a network overload or UPS fault.

EMI filters are used to neutralize the spikes and electrical noise, and the load will be directed to the bypass, to ensure the continued protection

Circuit blocks are static switch (Static Switch), electronically controlled, they allow for the critical load directed to an inverter output switch to the static bypass line. In normal operation, the system load goes to the inverter, but in the case of a UPS overload or inverter failure, the load is automatically transferred to the static bypass line.

  • Bypass with manual control is included in the standard series UPS IDP-3M. Manual bypass switch is designed for use during maintenance. It is used to turn off the UPS without interrupting the power supply. Thus the UPS can be serviced with full safety for operating personnel and the protected load. This function is not valid for the UPS to be replaced or in need of repair because of the need to stop power to the load, in order to replace the UPS.

Automatic restart:

When the two systems — the main and bypass do not get the UPS will transfer to on-battery system to ensure the continued operation until the battery is fully discharged. When the UPS reaches full discharge, it switches off. 

UPS automatically restarts and resumes:

  • When power is restored.
  • When automatic restart after delay (default delay is 5 minutes).

Series IDP-3M is compatible with standby generators:

Series PID-3M perfectly with different power sources, including a generator. UPS provides uninterrupted power to protected equipment, while the capacity of the generator is used with reliable rectifier on bipolar transistors with insulated gate (IGBT).

Rectifier for bipolar transistors with insulated gate (IGBT) provides low THD (total harmonic distortion), which remains at the level of <3% without sacrificing performance. Therefore the UPS is uniquely compatible with a wide range of generators. To do this, all IDP-series devices have a feature 3M "soft start". This feature allows you to gradually increase the power consumed by the UPS from 0 to 100% when running on the generator. If you need to work together to choose a generator with a rated capacity of only 20% higher than the capacity of the UPS. Depending on the type of load and the time for soft start of the generator may change from 0 to 300 seconds. During the "crackdown" UPS uses battery power, therefore, to preserve its resources start time should be minimized.


Backfeed UPS will prevent the risk of damage to the device current, going from the UPS load in the event of a power failure. When a network failure, protection against reverse current flow prevents the current back to the input terminals of the UPS inverter output. This is extremely important for safety, because it gives the engineer the ability to work on the incoming side of the power supply units, without the risk of electric shock. Series IDP-3M has a reverse protection that prevents any reverse current from the UPS to the mains supply, which ensures the safety of operating personnel.

Energy recovery for regenerative loads: 

UPS series PID-3M may be used with regenerative load, for example, such as a synchronous motor. Regenerative energy load is pumped back into the network. In conventional systems, UPS reverse energy is converted into heat. This leads to low productivity. Series IDP Series UPS-3M with rectifier on bipolar transistors with insulated gate (IGBT) sends the received energy back to the grid by changing the frequency and voltage at the mains frequency and supply voltage.

Advanced features remote control of the UPS series IDP-3M: 

Process of the UPS can be controlled over the network and includes a centralized control via software MAKNet. MAKNet — is a software management of the UPS via the data transfer protocol SNMP. MAKNet collects information about the UPS and transmits it to the operator for analysis.

  • Monitoring of UPS systems with dry contact or serial port;
  • Program management, alerting and logging for local and remote network access;
  • The graphical display shows information about the incoming load and the frequency of minimum, average and maximum performance;
  • Set a password for all remote functions;
  • Ability to set a specific time to perform the battery test, reboot, shutdown, and other functions;
  • Available for the operating systems Windows (2008 server, Vista, 2003 and XP), Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris 8,9 and 10, Open VMS and IBM OS / 2
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) protocol is a simple management of the UPS over the network (TCP / IP, HTTP and SNMP) MakNET SNMP Card:
  • Software compatibility MAKNet
  • Event log and data management.
  • Sound notification, as well as a warning by e-mail and SMS.

With RS232 communication ports and 485 MAKNet software and software can manage your UPS. MAKNet shows the status of the UPS by e-mail, using the same software system can be safely disabled.

Fee dry contacts:

"Dry" contact initially not connected to a voltage source, it provides an isolated dry contact signals that indicates any malfunction UPS. The relay contacts are completely isolated from the UPS and the earth. All isolated contacts can operate between 3.3Vdc — 24Vdc (DC). With the isolated contact UPS can be managed remotely.

Remote Panel:

Remote Panel UPS allows the user to monitor the operating status of the UPS from a remote mesta.Polzovatel can get information about the operating status and parameters of the UPS via the LCD remote control panel.

Parallel operation:

Series IDP-3M different light scalability and redundancy. UPS power is ready to grow with your needs. UPS of various capacities and in different quantities, can be connected in parallel, without the use of additional options.

  • Internal standard microprocessor to operate in parallel on all models;
  • Possibility of parallel connection of up to 16 units of the UPS at the same time;
  • The parallel connection of the ring cable;
  • Automatic recognition of the parallel cable disconnected;
  • Equal current sharing with the digital control;
  • The whole parallel system can be controlled by one control panel UPS;
  • Full synchronization of parallel units;
  • Isolated parallel operating card;
  • The static bypass all connected blocks;
  • UPS can keep a record of the log up to 500 events.

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