The Russian Cossacks: the past and the true

Russian Cossacks: Past and Present

The victory over Napoleon's army was one of the most significant event for the Russian Federation. For municipal independence from foreign invaders fought all people, from the peasant to the representatives of reputable Russian birth.

NIGHT MODE dushnovato June 1812 the French army crossed the Niemen. First with them in the battle to take the Black Sea Cossacks 107 sq.m., which led to a fight 5 officers and 14 captains. Suspend the French failed, but the team caused them tangible damage. Cossacks showed presumptuous Napoleonic Guard, which have the power to overcome them.

After 100 years, the Cossacks, participating in combat operations in the First World War, proved to be the best combat-ready units of the Russian army. Although the war has already appeared military equipment and weapons, which led to a reduction in the warring armies of cavalry units in the Russian Army cavalry troops was a strategic view and very heavily used in military and intelligence operations. The main part of the Cossack cavalry were the connection. Cossacks skillfully fought on foot at the defensive and positional battles. According to Peter Krasnov, Ataman of the Don Cossacks, the Cossacks for half a year of fighting killed 18 thousand opponents, prisoners are taken over a thousand 40 thousand officers and enlisted men. Compared with other parts of the Russian army, the Cossacks had the smallest percentage of losses, killing four thousand, 12 thousand wounded, missing about 2.5 thousand.

Thanks to Russian Cossack units army won a landslide victory in the Battle of Galicia. It involved, perhaps the biggest group of Cossack troops. Successful acts Cossack divisions rescued from the destruction of three Russian army corps. The Don of skillfully waged war on the edge of Russian armies, paving the way for their attacks.

Legend has become an unequal battle 4 Cossacks led by Corporal Kuzma Kryuchkov with 27 German dragoons. In the end, killed 22 Germans, two captured, and three "very quickly" left the field of battle, but the Cossacks, received only minor injuries, soon returned to duty.

The Cossacks faithfully served the tsar. By the early 19th century they formed a separate class. Cossacks guarding the municipal boundaries and internal ethnic borders, and a personal escort of the emperor. For the faithful service of their great tenderloin endowed lands, allowed not to pay taxes, allowed to have a social autonomy.

To use the Cossack units against the rebellious people — "troublemakers and atheists," he explained to that confusion organized Jewish atihristy and unscrupulous lenders, robbing ordinary people.

The Security Service of Nicholas II was very well organized. The oppression of domestic violence to help police units are often called the Gendarmerie and Cossack cavalry.

Cossacks — born warriors, has the unique ability to disperse any demonstrations perfectly. For their ability to hold firmly in the saddle, they were nicknamed "the centaurs." Normally, when they disperse demonstrators disperse bumped into a lot of waving whips, which they held stern gun. Braided leather, iron chain with attached pieces of lead just broke the head organizers of the march. Because of the huge number of victims in the middle of the rally in collisions with cavalry units were called Cossacks executioners. But the Cossacks did not like that they are sent to disperse popular demonstrations, because there is evidence that they once appealed to the authorities to release them from the police service.

During the war, civilian clothes Cossack regions more self-supporting snow-white movement. Although many Cossacks waged war on the side of the Bolsheviks, the Cossack settlements were persecuted and repressed by the modern Russian authorities.

Disastrous date in the life of the Cossacks was the March 27, 1920. By order of the Commissioner Ordzhonikidze 35 thousand inhabitants of the Cossack villages drove a few 10 km s sidings Dalakovo. The guards cruelly mistreated persons arrested: feeble, unhealthy, old people were killed. Men from the colonies tried to protect their loved ones, but they were destroyed. When loading into wagons, those who do not fit, was shot.

Russian power could not (or perhaps unwilling) to find a common language with the Cossacks. Cossacks have always been on the battlefield defending Russia, but repression, which has been subjected to Cossacks, led to the fact that during the second world war, many of them sided with the Nazis. The Cossacks are nostalgic for the days when they were favored by the royal authority, and were tempted to take revenge for the destruction of Russian Cossack class power.

The Cossacks, though, and met the Germans as liberators, did not support the Nazis, since they do not suppress immoral conduct their own soldiers used the services of traitors.

When Russian troops in 1943 went to the Don Cossacks angrily defended his capital — the city of Novocherkassk, because they could not count on mercy in the case of defeat. Nine hundred soldiers under the command of Ataman Pavlov defeated the army of the Red Army.

At the same time, there is information that indicates that the Cossacks also engage in open battle with the Nazi collaborators in the areas of Yugoslavia. In 1944, they rescued from destruction, 200 Serbs, Croats who wanted to kill. As a result of this operation the Cossacks had lost 30 of their own soldiers, and captured Croats otstegat whips and released. In the coming they were issued by the British Russian side.

After the war, Russian power implemented measures to assimilate the Cossacks. In their settlements became intensely relocate the inhabitants of other regions. A ban on the Cossack attributes.

During Khrushchev's rule Cossacks in fact did not stand out among the population of the country.

The collapse of the Soviet Union led to a revival of the Cossacks. The Don Cossacks being on the border with the Caucasus region, which did not abate in military conflicts, took the responsibility to protect the Russian lands from the attacks of gangs and policing. For example, in the Rostov region are 9 districts of the Don Cossacks.

An example of co-operation of the Cossacks and the government may be the experience of the Stavropol Territory. In this region there is a massive influx of residents from the crisis areas such as Chechnya and Dagestan and the outflow of the Russian population. In agreement with the authorities on the ground edges were made in all villages Fri Cossack communities that support public policy, conduct agricultural activities, produce educational and organizational work.

The fact that the Russian government at the moment is quite serious about the activities of the Cossack communities, confirms the presence of the Office of the President on the Cossacks.

We must admit that today's society Cossacks perceived as mummers, awnings over trinkets and singing ancient songs.

The fact that the king had the right times of the Cossacks formulated function (for which he received the privilege, the benefits, advantages), and in the current time of the Cossacks no.

It may be a function of the Cossacks to find in modern Russian Federation?

Experience has shown that the population is drawn to the local Cossacks for protection from bandits, rogues and adventurers often than in municipal law enforcement agencies.

That caused the fir
st function: the protection of the rule of law, the patriotic education of youth, the activation of the sports movement, education, recreation, military training.

It should see the opportunity to provide the Cossacks security function, for example, in areas of the North Caucasus and Kaliningrad.

The Cossacks will be able to produce the colonialist-protective function in the Far East. To do this, they must have the privileges and facilities.

The Cossacks are to serve in the regular military units, Cossack units may be involved in the protection of the municipal boundaries also be a reserve.

But most importantly, to the Cossack movement really brought real benefits to the country — it is necessary to provide the legal framework of this activity, as the existing law on the Cossacks is not enough.

Only in this case Cossacks will become part of the country, human resources for municipal law enforcement agencies, as combat-ready force capable of defending the interests of the country.

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