The Russian flag — a red flag of Victory

As you know, the flag of Russian Federation is the white-blue-red flag, but it does not match the millennial tradition of Rus. The Russian flag, Russian color — it is reddish. All the major historical victory our people gained under the red banner. Tricolor flag is quite young, also associated with a series of betrayals and defeats of our nation, civilization. Part of Patriots considers it "Vlasov," it symbolizes the era of Yeltsin and his last-that continue to destroy the achievements of the USSR.

USSR reddish flag brought a glorious victory, returning it to the Russian people, consciously or not Russian rulers of the Russian Federation made a fundamental matter. They returned their Russian state color — reddish, fine. In the Chechen War soldiers did for myself reddish homemade banners and went with them into battle, Putin had to return a reddish flag army. Even the football team which is popular with the Russian Federation "Spartacus" is a red-white color.

Russian flag - a red flag of Victory

The reddish color of the genetic memory awakens Millennium Russian-Russians. Reddish corner in the house, reddish shirt, reddish dress, reddish boots, Lupus girl reddish done, reddish area, reddish means "beautiful, honorable, chief." Reddish called correctly, lovely, decent human behavior — "In the world, and death is red."

Russian sea called Chrvlenym, in other words perfect, crimson, reddish. Abroad in almost all languages preserved the knowledge of the sacred connection with the reddish color of the Rus: Germany — "Red Flag" Russian flag, the area of Old Germany, where Russ lived, called Rothen-Ruthenia, in Italy, "Bandiera rossa", also called the Russian flag reddish.

This flag has long been associated with the military tradition, it was on since pagan times — the color of Perun, the god of the patron saint of soldiers, was also reddish color. Martial CHervonnye boards, banners, reddish coats of princes — all this old tradition Russes. Reddish banners Russian soldiers accompanied the Middle Ages, just added to the reddish background image of the Savior or ZHoru killing a snake, and even pagan sign Perun, beating snake hair. A huge number of old Russian towns retained a reddish field in the arms.

White, blue and red flag started to implement the Romanovs — first Alexis and then Peter first, but Peter eventually made its flag merchant to merchant ships. Black-and-white-and-gold flag was at first the imperial standard, it brought Peter III of Holstein (Germany). White-blue-red flag in 1806 became the flag of the Russian-American Company in 1896, became a state flag, and then was used by the Provisional Government, snow-white movement. Its use Russian Fascist Party in Harbin, under it waged war traitors "Vlasov" — in 1945 in conjunction with the other flags thrown to the foot of the mausoleum.

Yeltsin, lifting it banner, Hitler's plans were executed, giving the Baltic states, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Belarus, Ukraine.

White-blue-red flag became a symbol of commerce, traders (who sell their homeland), losses — together with him fell Russian empire, the power of the Provisional Government, snow-white movement lost the war, it was used the party and the Group of Russian emigres-fascists, traitors who fought with their own The stately home to a Russian war.

At the current time, many young people believe that the tricolor — our national flag, although many of them do not know, when the second global war and majestic Russian war, who with such Pokryshkin Kozhedub who waged war with anyone in general who defeated .

Maybe it's time to return the Russian people their victory banner? The Russian flag, which Russes, Russian went from victory to victory, the authorities need to think about the consequences of white-blue-red flag of the Russian Federation.

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