The Russians considered the most friendly country Belarus, and the most aggressive — Georgia

The Russians considered the most friendly country Belarus, and the most hostile - to Georgia

The most friendly state Russians consider Belarus, more aggressive — Georgia. These data were sociologists from a survey conducted by the Levada Center in 130 villages in 45 regions Fri RF, transfers "Herald".

More close friends and allies, except Belarus (34%), Russians see Kazakhstan (28%), Germany (17%), China (16%) and Ukraine (13%).

A list of States which, in the views of Russian respondents are militant to RF, Georgia heads — at the first place it was put 41% of the respondents. It is followed by the U.S. (35%), Latvia (26%), Lithuania (25%) and Estonia (23%).

Talking about the future of relations with Ukraine, 62% of those polled believe that our country should be "independent but friendly: with open borders without visas and customs." 24% of respondents believe that the case of Moscow and Kiev should be the same as with other states, — "with closed borders, visas, customs." With all of this 14% offer RF and Ukraine to merge into a single government.

Three-quarters of Russians (76%), as a year earlier, called for the development and strengthening of relations with Western countries, calling distance itself from the West became smaller (from 16% to 13%).

Meanwhile, in 2011, was reduced fraction favored the strengthening of relations with the Muslim world (from 64% to 52%), but there are fewer enemies (from 25% to 21%), but the number of undecided grown up in this issue (from 13% to 16 %).

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