The Russians do not believe tandem

Russians do not believe tandemKremlin tandem Fishing season Medvedev and Russian media reports vie that any of them may be, accept the role in the 2012 election. Not long ago, they talk about the fact that they themselves will decide among themselves who will be followed by the President. But it seems that this language has become a Kremlin spin doctors seem very mercenary, and therefore it was decided to shift the emphasis a bit.

"Everyone on their own particular place should one day, like St Francis, hoe own site. We live in Russia 143 million and no interruptions in government should not be "- at one point, said Putin. These revelations are not the spiritual successor of Mahatma Gandhi, but with all this already, and St. Francis, seriously discusses the Russian expert community.

Thus, the first vice-speaker of the State Duma United Russia party Morozov said that the candidate of the party at the next election — is, of course, Vladimir Putin. However, if tandem Let us agree on the nomination of Medvedev, of course, that some other force, which he will be able to rely on, not counting the party "United Russia" in the country do not. Edinorosy by all means try to make the appearance of political struggle inside the party, although it comes at them awkwardly. With all of this, apparently, neither Medvedev nor Putin still do not know which of them will become the next president. Fully maybe it is not from them and depend on, the West can not impose a third country anyone, and representatives of the tandem just asked for a way out. Obviously, the EP has some of his own political position. "Party crooks and thieves "will go smoothly because it will show the heads. If useful, party gladly support and third, unknown to anyone candidate.

Meanwhile, residents of the Russian Federation has long been not believe any tandem or in the "United Russia". Ratings power even officially phony, always go down. It's not even in the dilemmas of the economy, rising prices and utility tariffs, and that the Russians the Kremlin's lying around. On the days of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin have released their earnings for 2010. Officially president earned 3 million 378 thousand rubles, and a moderate gas beneficiary Vladimir Putin only slightly more — 5 million. Idea of our officials with the publication of their own salaries not found a response from the public. Based on survey results, published in the President's salary do not believe 68% of the respondents, the premiere — 69%. Survey respondents who own common sense and humor, multiply the official figures suggest at least a thousand, that picture came more real.

Most of the people in our range of influential bureaucrats, they do not believe them, which once again shows that in the current RF do not use the power of the people and respect as it should, nor for Medvedev, nor for Fishing season will not vote. But in our country it is the least concerned about our ruling tandem, after all, real elections in Russia is not planning to conduct one.

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