The U.S. government fills the minds of the people vote

In the Internet there was community who believes that the U.S. government fills their minds "voices"

In the Internet there was community, whose members believe that the U.S. government fills their minds "voices." This is the truth: the Pentagon at the time engaged in the development of weapons that can do just that.

A club — not a collection of alcoholics or drug addicts or survivors of childhood abuse. These are people who call themselves victims of "mind control", who believe that they have become guinea secret government campaign.

They are convinced that they are being hour surveillance with technology that allows them to penetrate the consciousness and control it. The material on this community and technology "mind control" on Sunday published a newspaper The Washington Post (full text online

By the members of this community call themselves TI — Targeted Individuals (people of the target pursued by the person) and talk about V2K — the official military abbreviation of Voice to Skull («voice in the skull"), meaning the weapon that generates the victim in the head voice or sounds.

According to the newspaper, in the world there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of TI. Sites dedicated to electronic harassment and surveillance, originated in India, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Russia and other places. Victims began to hold meetings in support of the major cities, including Washington. Favorite topics of discussions during these meetings — protection against mind control, media and public relations training, possible legislative strategies ban mind control.

The biggest challenge for TI — to force people to take their concern seriously. A proposal made in 2001 by Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, a ban "psychotronic weapons" (another name for mind-control techniques) has been named members of TI-community a big step forward. However, this bill was ridiculed and rejected of it quickly.

Newspaper reporter met one of TI, Harlan Girard, a man who for much of life is subjected to mind control. According to him, the problems began in 1983, when he worked in the estate agency in Los Angeles, he made a rude remark by a Republican-fund raiser for the presidential campaign of George HW Bush.

First, the persecution was unobtrusive. However, in 1984, when he returned to his studies, he began to hear voices — some male voices, sounding completely match what the voices are created in a studio. They chased him. They asked, I'm sure he is that normal, insulted his classmates asked why he is still alive. Often accompanied by the voices of severe pain throughout the body. Girard now attributes this to the guided energy weapons that can produce invisible rays.

Later, Girard learned that in 1950 the CIA landed unsuspecting victims to LSD in the rough experiments on mind control, called MK-ULTRA. He also found a mention of the fact that the CIA is trying to influence the mind with electromagnetic fields. Then, in one scientific study, he read that the developers of the military at the Army Research Institute Walter Reed in 1970 with the help of microwaves passed the word that the subject heard the inner voice. In other places he came across stories about trying to use electromagnetic energy, sound waves or microwave beams to cause pain, non-life threatening. He found all types of weapons for an explanation of each symptom that is experienced.

Concerns about microwaves and mind control goes back to the 1960s, when the U.S. government discovered that the U.S. embassy in Moscow was attacked by low-level electromagnetic radiation. In 1965, according to declassified documents of the Ministry of Defense, the Pentagon began a project Pandora — a secret research aimed to study the behavioral and biological effects of low-level microwaves.

In 2002, the Research Laboratory of the U.S. patented technology, the following: the direction of a person's head words with microwaves. Richard Garcia, a spokesman for the Energy Department in the lab, refused to discuss the patent or of the ongoing research in this area, referring to the policy of the laboratory.

However, given the history of secret research in the United States, it is reasonable to assume that if the defense establishment could develop mind control weapons or beam weapons, it almost certainly did. And the fact that after the development of testing it can on innocent citizens also can not categorically deny emphasizes the American edition.

The newspaper cites the opinion of some psychiatrists also on this issue — doctors believe that in this case the weapon of mind control — is one of the ways in which people explain the voices in my head. Meanwhile, 70-year-old Girard continues to look for evidence that the government has coded his brain.

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